Employment equity

What is employment equity?

Employment equity means fair, bias-free hiring practices, leading to fair representation of underrepresented groups. At UVic we’re working to remove barriers that prevent equal opportunity because equity is not only a prerequisite for excellence but the right thing to do.

Learn more by watching the video, exploring resources in the toolkit, reading the Employment Equity Plan, or checking out the employment equity survey FAQs.

Learn about UVic's Canada Research Chair (CRC), Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan.  This plan distills and aligns with relevant elements of UVic's Employment Equity Plan.

"Video: UVic's Path to Equity in Employment"

This video emphasizes that equity, diversity and inclusion benefit us all and we all share responsibility for them. It showcases perspectives of faculty and staff on UVic’s work towards building a welcoming, inclusive campus.

This video emphasizes a core principle for UVic that equity, diversity and inclusion benefit us all and we all share responsibility for them.

Learn more about the video with these FAQs:

What are the origins of the project?

The University Human Rights Committee (UHRC) recommended in its April 2016 meeting that we create a welcome video for UVic to highlight equity, diversity and inclusion in support of our Employment Equity Plan. This idea was supported by UVic’s Executive and was developed over 2015/16 by Equity and Human Rights and the Employment Equity Advisory Group. We call the video “Welcome to UVic,” recognizing our administrative role in welcoming people to the institution as distinct from a traditional welcome to the territory on which UVic stands.

Who is the Elder whose voice is heard at the start of the video? How was his voice included?

The voice in the opening of the video is a recording of a welcome to the territory by Elmer George, Songhees Nation Elder. He recorded this welcome with Indigenous Affairs at UVic, and gave us permission to use his voice in the video. He is named in the acknowledgments at the end of the video.

How were participants chosen?

We asked for recommendations of faculty, staff and student employees who are engaged with employment equity, equity, diversity and inclusion on campus; who are comfortable speaking about these topics in an accessible manner; and who represent a diversity of perspectives on these issues. We worked to balance hearing from diverse voices with avoiding tokenizing individuals. Participants were chosen based on how they met these criteria, represented a range of work positions and perspectives across campus, and were available on the filming date. As a result, a range of abilities, disabilities, sexual orientations and gender identities are represented in the participants. Owing to constraints of time and space, we were unable to include everyone we would have liked to in the video.

What is UVic doing to promote equity, diversity and inclusion?

UVic has a long-standing commitment to promoting equity, diversity and inclusion, as evidenced in the first objective of our current Strategic Plan: “To be a diverse, welcoming learning community, with a demonstrated commitment to equity and fairness.” Equity activities are embedded in the work of units across the campus, supported through UVic’s Employment Equity Plan that outlines responsibilities and accountability for players from across campus. Some of this work includes setting and reporting on hiring goals; providing training for units and search committees; updating and providing education on accommodation for the campus; and reviewing policies and procedures with an equity lens.

What steps can departments or units take to support equity?

There are many things that departments and units can do to support equity. Some ideas include:

  • Bring people together to explore equity issues and build community in your area
  • Create or bring in education on equity, diversity and inclusion
  • Review your policies and procedures with equity as a key consideration
  • Attend or sponsor an event that involves learning about diversity or promoting equity

Please refer to the Employment Equity Plan or consult with EQHR for more ideas and support in undertaking these activities.

What can individuals do to support equity, diversity and inclusion?

Everyone at UVic has a role to play in building a welcoming, inclusive campus. Here are some things you can do:

  • Attend a workshop on diversity and inclusion through Human Resources
  • Learn about inclusive language and use it in your workplace
  • Take the Employment Equity survey
  • Attend campus events on equity and diversity
  • Talk with your supervisors/ colleagues/ other about setting up an equity committee in your area, or volunteer for this committee
  • Read the Employment Equity Plan and identify some actions you would like to undertake
  • Get to know some of the people in your workplace better, taking an interest in what you have in common and the differences between you.

For more ideas, look at EQHR's Practices of Inclusion or Best Practices for an LGBQTT Friendly Environment.

How are territory acknowledgements integrated into the video?

We consulted closely with the First Peoples’ House to identify appropriate persons and approaches to acknowledge UVic’s presence on the traditional territory of the Lekwungen speaking peoples, and the Songhees, Esquimalt and W̱SÁNEĆ peoples. The final recommendation was to open the video with a welcome to the territory, and close with a written territorial acknowledgment.

To learn more about UVic’s territorial acknowledgement, please visit the Office of Indigenous Academic and Community Engagement (IACE).

How is the video being used?

The video will be shared internally in orientations, training, and on websites to enhance employee understanding of these topics. Further uses will be decided upon by individual areas of campus.

Who did the filming?

The video was filmed and edited by Media One, a local contractor from Victoria.