UVic competencies

A competency model describes the knowledge, skills and attributes employees demonstrate when successfully contributing to an organization’s strategic objectives. The UVic competency model offers a high-level view of what it means to work at UVic and is aspirational, recognizing that pursuing our strategic objectives will always require us to lean into the edge of learning, growth and discovery. 

The model applies to staff and administrative leaders and is a foundation for many of the HR processes and systems used by managers. While the model has not been designed specifically to apply to faculty roles, it can be used by any employee at UVic.

UVic Competency model
The UVic competency model is intentionally non-hierarchical, recognizing that each employee will realize, demonstrate and develop competencies and behaviours differently according to their personal goals, role, unit, department and level within the organization

Resource guides for each competency behavior accompany the model to outline strategic linkages, sample coaching questions, enabling skillsets and suggested learning opportunities. Resource guides are intended to be living documents that can evolve to suit employee needs. If you have development ideas or ways to make them better please contact us at .

The model and accompanying resource guides are intended to encourage employees to ask the question “How does this show up for me?” rather than offer a prescriptive application for all. Employees and their supervisors are encouraged to identify one or two behaviours to develop at a time, in a way that is relevant and appropriate to the individual, rather than attempting to take it all on at once. For most employees, conversations about the competencies would occur as part of the annual performance and development cycle and associated goal-setting conversations. Supervisors may take advantage of the Supervisor's guide to using UVic Competencies for further ideas on incorporating competencies into their HR practices.

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Honour people and place

We are a thoughtful, respectful and engaged local community, working and learning in an extraordinary environment that is welcoming, inclusive and grounded in Indigenous, intercultural and sustainable perspectives.

Increase indigenous acumen

I participate in indigenous-engaged learning to promote mutual understanding and respect of the history and culture of the people on whose traditional territory the university stands, and to better understand the impact of Canadian policy and practice on indigenous people and communities. I am open and curious as to how my own worldview and values may align with or differ from Indigenous perspectives so I can participate in Canada’s reconciliation. Download resource guide.

Be socially and culturally responsive

I am proactive in seeking information about the social and cultural issues that contribute to UVic’s diversity. I am thoughtful and responsive in removing obstacles, increasing awareness and facilitating connections so I can further the university’s commitment that all members of our community feel welcomed, valued and supported to achieve their highest potential. Download resource guide.

Commit to environmental sustainability

I contribute to a culture of environmental stewardship by integrating sustainability practices into my work. My actions further UVic’s goal of being a global leader in sustainability and honour the spirit of place inherited from Indigenous history, teachings and continued presence. Download resource guide.

Work together ĆȺNEUEL OL

Our path forward requires working together, being together and learning together in relationship. We share our strengths in new and different ways to achieve our common objectives. The SENĆOŦEN teaching ĆȺNEUEL OL (CHAIN-EWE-AH’OHL)) asks us to recognize and honour the gifts each of us brings to the work we do, and to walk together trusting the mutual value of human connection.

Build personal insight

I develop my self-awareness so I can connect in a meaningful way with others in our community. I understand my personal, cultural and social biases and preferences and am aware of how they affect my behaviours and reactions to those around me. Download resource guide.

Invite diverse perspectives

I consider diverse viewpoints to ensure rich and thoughtful discussion of issues leading to stronger decision-making. I share, and invite others to offer, different perspectives and ideas to create new insights and respect the value of diverse approaches in the creation of new and better outcomes. Download resource guide.

Develop partnerships

I identify ways to promote collaboration, partnership and cross-organizational activities that share knowledge and pool resources to get things done. I openly share my resources and trust others to do the same, so we can create aligned, connected and integrated solutions to common issues and opportunities. Download resource guide.

Make it better

Succeeding in our competitive post-secondary environment requires us to encourage and support innovation, make accountable and transparent decisions that support positive change, and create and contribute to dynamic learning experiences. A continuous focus on quality and service drives us to do things better every day.

Focus on quality

I continuously monitor the quality of my work, and were possible, I identify opportunities to update systems, spaces, processes and policies to maximize efficiency and improve how things are done. I give and receive high quality feedback so I can better understand and be accountable for how my work impacts others. Download resource guide.

Provide excellent service

The work I do impacts others who are internal and/or external to the university. I seek to understand the needs of those I serve so I can provide reliable and responsive service that builds positive ongoing relationships and supports UVic’s goal to advance service excellence.  Download resource guide.

Make informed decisions

I think critically and creatively about issues and opportunities, and present options both verbally and in writing to support strategic risk taking and innovation. I use inquiry and analysis to make and support accountable and transparent decisions.  Download resource guide.

Remain agile

I recognize that our complex and changing environment creates new and diverse demands on my work, my team and me. I am responsive and adaptable to change, and exercise self-care to maintain personal resilience. Supporting UVic to achieve it’s vision requires me to be flexible in how I think about and approach opportunities.  Download resource guide.

Make a difference

Making a difference for our students, our community and our world is what inspires us and connects what we each do to a bigger purpose. We make an impact on people, places and the planet through our research and sharing of knowledge, and in the everyday ways we touch the lives of students, community and our colleagues.

See the big picture

I see the part I play in our research-intensive, student-focused learning organization. I make connections through my daily work to the vision, values and strategic priorities of the university in order to make a difference for students, employees, alumni, the community and the world around us. Download resource guide.

Tell our Story

I am proud of our work, and maintain interest in the accomplishments and contributions of colleagues and students in order to share stories with current and potential students, employees and community members, including potential donors, about our dynamic learning opportunities, the vital impact we make and our extraordinary environment.  Download resource guide.

Support the Student Experience

I contribute to the student experience directly or indirectly through my participation in the university community. I stay informed and aware of the diversity of student needs and perspectives so I can find ways within my role to create a healthy, safe and supportive learning environment that helps equip students for personal success. Download resource guide.