Employment equity survey

The survey should take about five minutes. If you have any questions please read our FAQs or contact the Equity and Human Rights office at 250-721-8488 or . Thank you!

How to complete the survey

New employees will receive an email with a direct link to the survey.

Note: If you get the response "no surveys available at this time”, you have previously completed the survey. If you would like to change your responses, please .

You can also print the survey or contact us for a copy. After completing the survey, submit it to the Equity and Human Rights office by intercampus mail or drop it off in a sealed envelope at Sedgewick C115.

Purpose of the employment equity survey

Employment equity benefits all employees by creating a more inclusive, flexible and respectful work environment. The survey is one of many employment equity actions at UVic, including those in education, policy review and leadership.

This survey helps the university track progress towards achieving an equitable workforce by hiring and retaining diverse staff. The groups who have generally been addressed through employment equity—women, Indigenous Peoples, members of visible minorities, and persons with a disability—experience systemic discrimination in employment. While we are currently focused on keeping accurate data on these groups to address recognized gaps in our workforce, UVic's new Equity Action Plan calls on us to better address the multiple diversities of our employees.

We use data from the survey for internal and external reporting requirements. Internally, UVic has identified equity, diversity and inclusion as core values in its current Strategic Framework, and Strategy 1.1 is to "Attract, support and develop a diverse community of talented students, faculty and staff..." The University of Victoria maintains the Equity Action Plan that addresses the Strategic Framework vision and employment inequities for designated groups.

With its wide range of activities and responsibilities, the Equity Action Plan is the strongest internal driver for building equity. This plan is approved by the BC Human Rights Tribunal, creating our external reporting requirement on progress on the plan. Approval of our plan allows the university to engage in preferential or limited hiring without risk of a human rights complaint from someone who is not a member of a designated group.