Preferential and limited hiring

Policy HR6110, “Preferential or Limited Hiring,” provides for the use of preferential and limited hiring to foster equity and diversity. Preferential and limited hiring assists the university to achieve diverse and equitable representation in the workplace, and to recruit employees whose identities enrich the ways in which we accomplish the academic mission and serve our community.

Hiring at UVic is governed by various collective agreements, each of which has its own procedures and requirements. Preferential and limited hiring is possible under all of these agreements; however, hiring managers or hiring committees should seek union approval before proceeding since use of this policy restricts the pool of applicants, and thus are an exception to typical collective agreement hiring processes. All uses of the policy require approval of the vice-president associated with your unit.

Groups for preferential and limited hiring

UVic currently has approval through the BC's Office of the Human Rights Commissioner to use preferential or limited hiring for members of the following groups:

  • Indigenous Peoples
  • Black people
  • People with disabilities/disabled persons
  • Racialized people or people of colour
  • Women and gender diverse peoples

Note: We are working with the BC's Office of the Human Rights Commissioner to expand these categories and add other groups to this list.  

Before starting

Do any of these conditions apply to your unit, occupation, or program? 

  • Missing or low number of underrepresented group(s)
  • Attempted to achieve equity in past recruitment cycles without success
  • Require special expertise of a designated group 
  • Have equity or diversity targets or commitments with external funding programs 
  • Need critical mass of perspectives 
  • Need role models or mentors 
  • Few other opportunities in the near future to address underrepresentation 

If so, please review the following information:


Steps to preferential and limited hiring and the UVic Careers requisition quick guide

Hiring process 

Hiring statements

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