Personal Safety Manager

You're not the only one on campus looking out for your personal safety and security. Since 1995, Campus Security (CSEC) has employed a Personal Safety Manager (PSM) to address your security concerns and develop personal safety programs.

UVic's Personal Safety Manager is Allison Eddy.

An important aspect of the role of the PSM is to act as liaison between Campus Security Services and the University community. This opens up opportunities for a better understanding and working relationship with all campus community members.

The PSM can be reached at or 250-472-5144.

The PSM is responsible for addressing security concerns from the campus community as well as developing, implementing and promoting campuswide personal safety programs. The PSM is also a resource for students, staff and faculty regarding the resolution of individual complaints and general personal safety issues.

Crime prevention is a priority for the department. CSEC provide numerous programs designed to enhance personal safety and teach proactive crime prevention strategies, which contribute to a safe community.

Crime Prevention Education Programs:

Residence Safety: The PSM works with Residence Life staff to educate and support students.

Personal Safety Presentations: The PSM provides numerous crime prevention workshops to campus departments about theft prevention, workplace safety, personal safety, residence safety, diffusing hostility, active threat and other safety-related topics.

New Student Orientation: CSEC is involved annually in the September and January Orientation program. The PSM facilitates workshops to numerous student, staff and faculty groups, including specific training for International students.

Community Committees: The PSM represents CSEC on over 30  committees including, University Safety Committee, Ombudsperson Advisory Committee and all Building Safety Committees.