Pedestrian safety

10 Pedestrian Safety Tips

  1. Look both ways when approaching an intersection.  When you're walking, know what's going on around you.  Look left...look right...then look left again before crossing the street.
  2. Walk defensively .  Be ready for unexpected events.  Cars can surprise may think the driver's slowing down or stopping...but be prepared in case he or she runs a stop sign or traffic light.
  3. Avoid Distractions . Cell phones and portable music devices can distract you from watching for hazards, especially in a crosswalk.
  4. Cross streets at intersections whenever possible .  Walking a few feet farther to get to a crosswalk is much safer than crossing in the middle of the block.  Motorists are not expecting pedestrians where there's no crosswalk.
  5. Look for signs or signals at intersections .  Use the push buttons for crossing protection at signalized intersections...follow the "WALK/DON'T WALK" lights - they're set up to help you cross safely.
  6. Don't dart out from between parked vehicles .  Motorists aren't looking for pedestrians between cars and dashing into traffic from there is dangerous.
  7. Be careful in parking lots .  Parking lots can be as dangerous as streets.  Watch out for parked cars that may suddenly back out of a space.  Look toward the driver's seat of a car you're walking behind to see if someone's ready to drive away.  Notice brake lights and back-up lights...if they're lit, the vehicle's probably ready to move.
  8. Walk facing oncoming traffic .  When there are no sidewalks, walk near the curb or, if necessary, off the road.
  9. Keep your view of traffic clear at all times .  A pedestrian needs to be able to see cars around them.  Don't block your view with packages, umbrellas or other objects.
  10. Wear light colored or white clothing after dark .  Why?  Drivers can see you better and headlights and streetlight reflect off lighter clothing.  If possible, choose clothing with special reflective elements for younger pedestrians.

    Be Patient - Be Considerate – Be Safe

    For more information visit the ICBC Road Safety website.