Crime/Theft prevention

UVic is populated at any one time by 20,000 students and staff.

Each year our campus incidents of crime include:

  • Theft from and of vehicles
  • Theft of computer equipment
  • Vandalism to school and personal property
  • Sexual assault and verbal harassment

Many of these incidents go unreported each year. This encourages criminals to continue to engage in illegal and damaging activities.

Why report crime?

Above all, personal security is most important. Reporting crime makes the campus safer for all of us.

Theft means a higher portion of our budget will go to the maintenance and replacement of damaged/stolen equipment. Less funds will be available for upgrading or creation of new facilities.

If we do not curtail criminal activity, there could be a negative impact on the learning and teaching environment.

Each doing our part

Students, staff, faculty and visitors are encouraged to take an active role in order to minimize crime and ensure a safe environment for all.

If you see it...
Why not report it!

40,000 eyes are watching out for your well-being.