Student Residence Security


10 Points To Remember

  1. Always lock all doors and windows even when at home.  Students often leave doors and windows open to receive better air circulation or easier access; this may invite intruders.  
  2. Check to see if there are any unguarded or insecure entrances in the building.  Report any insecure entrances to your Community Leader immediately.
  3. Never assume a stranger wandering in the building is a tenant or authorized guest. Challenge him/her. Even "Can I help you?" will often deter the dishonest.  
  4. Don't just accept that a stranger is authorized to be in the  building, just because they say so. Check with someone in authority. If the person is from the telephone, cable or power company, even UVic Facilities staff should be able to produce identification. 
  5. Never leave your room unlocked when you go to take a shower or to the lounge. Most thefts occur from rooms when the resident has stepped out for a moment. 
  6. Never allow people in your room unless you know them. Meet them in the lobby or talk to them in the hallway. If you let them in, do not leave them alone or unescorted inside your room. 
  7. Be careful with keys. If you have lost your keys, contact your Community Leader immediately. Always keep keys in a safe place. 
  8. Always keep money and valuables in a safe place. Do not have cash and jewellery in obvious locations. Make use of safety deposit boxes or unique hiding places within your room. 
  9. Mark all property with your identification information. Contact your Campus Security or the Saanich Police Crime Prevention office for tips and information on engraving, photographing, marking, and inventorying your property for future identification. 
  10. Don't assume everyone is as honest as you. Take care of your property and that of your neighbours. 
  11. Report anything suspicious to Campus Security at (250)-721-7599.