Sexualized violence

Sexualized violence is unacceptable. UVic is committed to making our campus welcoming, safe and inclusive for all members of our community. Students, faculty and staff have worked together to develop a policy and procedures to put that commitment into action.

Sexualized violence is any non-consensual, unwanted, attempted actual or threatened act or behaviour carried out through sexual means or by targeting a person's sex, sexual identity, or gender identity or expression. Sexualized violence may be physical or non-physical and can take place through any form or means of communication, including online.

If you have questions or concerns about the policy or if you wish to make a disclosure and/or report, please call the sexualized violence resource & intake line: 250-721-8021

Learn how the policy was developed.

UVic Student Affairs, the UVSS and the Anti-Violence Project (AVP) have collaborated to organize and run sexualized violence awareness programming for UVic students. This video is intended to help educate students and raise awareness about consent and sexualized violence and to engage students in conversations on these issues. Learn more on the UVSS website.