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Course registration

If you’ve been away for more than one year, you need to reapply. You can choose to remain in your previous program or choose a new program.

Important dates & deadlines

The academic calendar lists registration dates for undergraduate courses, including:

  • the first and last days of classes
  • deadline to add courses
  • deadlines to drop courses
  • non-standard course dates

UVic has extended the last day to drop a course with a 100% reduction of fees to Jan. 30, 2022. Plus, the application of overdue tuition service fees will be delayed until Feb. 15. Read full announcement

When to register

We'll email you when your registration date and time are assigned, and you'll be able to see this information in Online tools.

Make sure to set your preferred email address in your personal profile, and add "" to your email safe senders so you don't miss any important emails from us.

To see when your assigned time is:

  1. Log in to Online tools
  2. Go to "Student Services"
  3. Under "Registration", select "Registration status"
  4. Select an upcoming session to see:
    • registration date in the “From” column
    • registration time (Pacific Standard Time - PST) in the "Begin Time" column
    • if there is a hold on your account that will stop you from being able to register
    • program details including faculty, department and major

Most courses fill up quickly. To ensure you have the best course selection possible, make sure you register as soon as you can.

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to check your registration date and time.

Look up courses

At least a few days before your registration period begins, take some time to find out when each course is offered. This will help you plan your schedule with the courses you want.

For each course you’ve chosen, make sure to check if it includes:

  • Lectures – “A” sections
  • Labs – “B” sections
  • Tutorials – “T” sections

To look up courses:

  1. Log in to Online tools
  2. Go to "Student services"
  3. Under "Registration", select "Look up courses"

If your course has an associated lab or tutorial, add it to your timetable too. You need to sign up for labs and tutorials separately to complete registration for that course.

The course timetable overview gives more information on searching for online course sections and understanding course delivery methods.

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to look up courses.

Build your timetable

You add courses by inputting a Course Reference Number (CRN).

You need to add any year-long courses to both your fall (Sept.-Dec.) and spring (Jan.-Apr.) term registration. Lab (B01, B02, etc.) and tutorial (T01, T02, etc.) sections for year-long courses can differ between terms, but your lecture sections must stay the same.

To build your timetable:

  1. Log in to Online tools
  2. Go to "Student services"
  3. Under "Registration" , select "Timetable builder"
  4. Enter the Course Reference Numbers (CRN) for the courses you want to take

You’ll find your CRNs with the course details.

You can also plan your timetable using our downloadable template.

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to build your timetable.

Register for courses

To register for courses:

  1. Log in to Online tools
  2. Go to "Student services"
  3. Under "Registration", select "Add or drop classes"
  4. Select the registration term and enter the CRNs for the courses you want to take

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to add courses.

Prerequisites & corequisites

Before registering for a course, check the academic calendar to see if it has prerequisites or corequisites. If you don't have a required prerequisite or corequisite, you'll be dropped from the course once the term has begun.

  • A prerequisite is a course or requirement that must be completed before you can register in a particular course.
  • A corequisite is a course or other requirement that must be completed before or at the same time as the selected course.

If you've received transfer credit for courses taken at another school and want to use them as prerequisites, consult an academic adviser to ensure that they'll be accepted.

In rare cases, departments may waive the prerequisites or corequisites for a particular course. Contact the department to seek permission.

Duplicate & mutually exclusive courses

There are some courses you might need to take even if you won’t receive credit for them. Duplicate and mutually exclusive courses may be necessary for program requirements or to satisfy minimum grade requirements.

Individually supervised courses

Individually supervised studies can be directed studies courses or regular courses that you take under individual supervision.

Auditing courses

Auditing a course means attending it informally, without getting academic credit. You may audit up to 3.0 units of undergraduate courses in a session (typically two courses of 1.5 units each).

  • You must receive permission from the department offering the course in order to audit it.
  • Auditor Class Entry Forms are processed beginning on the first business day following the last day to add courses for the term.
  • You may attend classes prior to being registered as an auditor, but you may need to request that your instructor grants you access to online resources.

Please make sure to review the conditions to register as an auditor and auditing fees.

To register to audit a class, please fill out the Auditor Class Entry Forms and submit it to


If a course section is at capacity, you can waitlist by entering the course registration number (CRN) on the Add Courses worksheet of the Registration tab in Online tools. If someone drops the course, their space is offered to the first student on the waitlist.

Waitlist offer acceptance instructions will be sent to your preferred email address. If you are offered a space in a waitlisted course, you must accept by the deadline indicated in the email. After the deadline, the offer will go to the next student on the waitlist.

Course changes and cancellations

If you are enrolled in classes and a change or update occurs after registration, you will be contacted through your preferred email address as indicated in Online tools -> Personal & account profile. Individual course section updates will come directly from the academic unit offering the course. 

If a course is cancelled or changed, consult with your adviser to discuss any concerns about completing your program requirements.

Registration support

Contact Student Support Services at 250-721-8121 or

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