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Individually supervised courses

Individually supervised studies can be directed studies courses or regular courses that you take under individual supervision.


  • You must have an academic standing that is acceptable to the faculty, department, division or school in which the course is given.
  • You must have approval in writing from each of the following in the order indicated:
    • The supervising faculty member(s)
    • The chair of the department or division or the director of the program
    • The dean of the faculty, who requires a course outline for directed studies courses
  • These written approvals must be received by Student Support Services before the section start date.

How to register

  1. Fill out a pro forma course form.
  2. Get written approval from the instructor.
  3. If you're taking a directed studies course, get a course outline.
  4. Obtain the written approval of the director/chair and dean.
  5. Submit your forms
    • If you plan to take a course offered by the Faculty of Education, take all forms to an adviser in the Faculty of Education. This applies even if you're in another faculty.
    • If you're not taking an education course, submit the completed and signed forms to Student Support Services before the deadline dates.
Please note that individually supervised study courses are subject to all fee regulations