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Third party sponsorship

Sometimes third parties agree to pay fees on behalf of a student with third party billing. In these cases both the student and sponsoring party agree to certain responsibilities.

Sponsored students

As a sponsored student, you are still responsible for ensuring your fees are paid. Make sure you view your account online regularly.  Any charges not being paid by the sponsor must be paid by you. If the third party does not pay the promised fees within 90 days of invoicing, you will be responsible for paying the fees including late payment fees.

Some external agencies require you to provide additional information like grades or transcripts to maintain the sponsorship. Sharing this information with your sponsor is your responsibility.

Pay your fees on time:

  • Make sure that an authorization form is received before your first fee deadline.
  • Don’t delay paying your fees in anticipation of a third party sponsorship. Any late payment fees which accrue prior to the authorization of a contract will not be cancelled.
  • Make sure you maintain a current email address through Online tools to ensure you receive bills in a timely manner

If you have prepaid your account and the sponsor payment results in a credit balance, then you can request a refund from Tuition Services.

Third party sponsors

As a third party sponsor you enter into a contract with a UVic student to pay fees on their behalf. Invoices will be mailed directly to you and you’ll need to pay them within 30 days of billing.

Email your authorization form:

Or mail your authorization to:

Tuition Fees
University of Victoria
PO Box 3040 STN CSC
Victoria BC V8W 3N7

Once we’ve received your authorization, you’ll be assigned a vendor number, which should be included on all payments and correspondence with the university.

All bills will be in Canadian funds ($CDN). Payments received in $US funds will be converted at the rate in effect on the day of receipt.

If payment isn’t received, a notice of non-payment will be sent to the student and a hold placed on their record that prevents transcript release and registration. After 90 days of non-payment, your contract may be cancelled at the university’s discretion and the student will be billed for any unpaid amounts.

If at any time you notify us that you will not pay a portion of a bill, the student will be charged and a hold placed immediately on their record.

Need help?

Call us from 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday at 250-721-7032. You can also email

View our tuition fees FAQs for more help.