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Tuition FAQs

Student accounts

You can use your tuition account summary as an official statement or proof of payment.

You can print the page by using the “print” command.

You may request a refund by email.

You can also leave the funds on your account for a future term. If you do this, the credit will be automatically applied towards any new charges.

  • We send refunds by cheque to the current mailing address on your student file.
  • If you would prefer your refund to be directly deposited to your Canadian bank account. Go to your Direct Deposit information and update you banking details. Refunds may take 2-3 weeks to arrive.
  • If your payment was sent via wire transfer or Convera, a credit will be refunded by wire transfer. There are no exceptions.
  • If you accidentally made an online banking payment to the university, please contact your bank directly to reverse the payment.
  • If you made your payment by cheque, you'll have to wait 30 business days before we can process a refund.
  • If you made your payment in US funds, the waiting period is 45 business days.

Awards & scholarships

No. Your registration has to be validated on the voucher by the Student Awards and Financial Aid Office.

Once it’s been validated, you must submit it to the Ministry of Education and they will send you the money directly. You can find the address for the Ministry of Education on the back of the voucher.

Undergraduate students

Awards from UVic are automatically put into your student account by the fee deadlines.

Graduate students

Possibly. Only a small number of graduate awards are credited to tuition accounts. Refer to your notice of award for details on payment method.

Student Direct Stream (SDS)

What to pay

Future UVic students can find an estimate of tuition costs on the undergraduate admissions and graduate admission pages. IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) requires students to prepay their first-year tuition. Undergraduate students will need to pre-pay 2 terms, graduate students 3 terms. For more information, please go to the IRCC website.

How to pay

Once you have the estimate of the total amount of tuition and fees you can pay this amount to the University. All payment options can be found at Most international payments are made via Convera Globalpay or wire transfer. It can take up to 10 business days before the University receives the funds.

How to get a receipt

After the University receives your payment, it will be posted to your account summary by term page. You will use your account summary as proof of payment for immigration purposes.


In the event that your student visa is refused or your admission offer is withdrawn, any credit (excluding non-refundable deposits) can be refunded by emailing If your payment was sent via wire transfer or Convera, the funds will be returned by wire transfer/Convera. There are no exceptions.

Health & dental

If you have with existing health and dental coverage you may opt out of the extended health and/or dental plan(s).

Your tuition fee account will be credited by the amount of the health/dental plan when your opt-out is approved by your students’ society.

Undergraduate students online opt out. Opt out by:

  • September 22 if you start taking courses in September
  • January 22 if you start taking courses in January

The UVSS contact number is 250-721-8355.

Graduate students online opt out. Opt out by:

  • September 22 if you start taking courses in September
  • January 22 if you start taking courses in January

The GSS contact number is 250-721-8816.

UVic has Mandatory Temporary Medical Insurance (MTMI) provided by International Insurance. New international students at UVic will be automatically enrolled in this plan for their first registered term.

Coverage is based on when you begin your program of study at UVic.

New international students are automatically covered by for one of three  periods:

  • September 1 - December 31
  • January 1 - April 30
  • May 1 - August 31

If you have questions about the coverage, please contact the International Centre for Students (ICS).


Tax slips are available every February for the previous calendar year. You can view and print your tax forms through Online tools.

Please note that we can’t provide tax advice. Whether you can take advantage of tax credits depends upon your specific circumstances. You should consult a tax professional to find out more about the credits and your eligibility.

  • T2202A: tax credit amount for the eligible tuition and fees paid for a calendar year
  • T4A: applies to students who have received bursary, scholarship, awards, third party payments or other funding
  • T4: only issued to students employed by UVic

The Canada Revenue Agency website also has several publications that might be helpful to students.

Convera GlobalPay

It can take 3-6 days business days for the University to receive your funds.

Remember to include weekends and holidays when estimating the number of days your payment may take.

GlobalPay for Students offers several secure payment options online for students across the globe.

Depending on where your payment is coming from you can make payments through providers such as UnionPay and Alipay in China, ICICI in India, Sofort and iDEAL in Europe, and Hana Bank in Korea.

You can also make payments directly from your bank account.

As with any payment system, the amount of time it takes can fluctuate.

If your payment isn't reflected in your UVic student account within 8 business days (not including weekends and holidays), you should email Convera or call 1-877-218-8829.


  • your full name
  • student number
  • payment reference number
  • home country
  • a copy of your proof of payment so that they can investigate.

It typically takes 3-6 business days for your payment to be received by UVic and applied to your student account.

If you make your payment on the tuition fee deadline, your payment will be late by the time UVic receives it

It is the your responsibility to ensure that payments are received by the tuition fee due dates, regardless of payment method.