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Fee reduction appeals

UVic has three deadlines for dropping courses in every academic term:

  1. Last day to drop course with 100% reduction of tuition fees
  2. Last day to drop course with 50% reduction of tuition fees
  3. Last day to drop course with no academic penalty (no fee reduction)

Upcoming course-drop deadlines are stated in the academic calendar for undergraduate and graduate studies.

Can I request a fee reduction?

If you drop a course after the "100% reduction" deadline and before the "no academic penalty" deadline, then you can submit an appeal to the Fee Reduction Appeals Committee (FRAC) to explain your reasons.

FRAC will only consider granting fee reductions for:

  • illness, family affliction, accident or other compelling circumstances
  • administrative errors.

For more information on FRAC, see the terms of reference.

As of November 1, 2022, undergraduate students who request academic concessions and are approved for "Withdrawal under Extenuating Circumstances" or "Backdated Drop" from a course are not eligible for fee reductions.

Work is underway to determine if there are specific circumstances under which a student may be eligible to request an exception and receive a fee reduction. Once available, information on exceptions will be published on this web page.

Requesting a fee reduction

Complete the "Appeal for fee reduction" form and send it to the Fee Reduction Appeals Committee with your supporting documentation.

Appeal deadlines

Undergraduate students

The undergraduate committee meets every 4-6 weeks. Submissions are due eight days prior to the meeting, and decisions are communicated within one week after the committee meets.

Summer 2024

  • Friday, May 31 (submission deadline is May 23)
  • Friday, July 5 (submission deadline is June 27)
    • Replaces the meeting originally scheduled for June 28
  • Friday, August 2 (submission deadline is July 25)

Fall 2024

  • Friday, September 20 (submission deadline is September 12)
  • Additional meeting dates to be determined

Graduate students

The graduate committee meets as and when needed. There is no submission deadline for graduate appeals.