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President's Extraordinary Service Awards

These awards are currently under review.

New for 2022, You're the Best-Fest celebrates UVic employees for their amazing work over the last few years. 

Campus Kudos runs informal celebration events throughout the year that recognize the achievements of UVic's faculty, staff and students.

The President’s Extraordinary Service Awards celebrate the outstanding contributions of individuals and teams from across campus.

There are four categories of awards, which are all open for individual and team nomination. Nominees must be active employees within the nominating year.

Navigator award

This award recognizes individuals or teams who demonstrate inclusivity. They create a welcoming and respectful environment that advances the university’s mission, values and commitment to excellence by allowing everyone to contribute and achieve their best.

Nomination criteria may include but is not limited to:

  • demonstrating UVic’s commitment to inclusive excellence, equity, diversity and respect for all persons through action or advocacy that makes UVic a more welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone who learns, works or visits on campus
  • furthering the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of the UVic community
  • guiding us toward our goals with behaviour that embodies and exemplifies our values, culture and history

Collaborator award

This award recognizes individuals or teams who collaborate. They contribute to our collegial culture and environment by building mutually beneficial relationships within the university, the local community and beyond.

 Nomination criteria may include but is not limited to:

  • demonstrating exceptional leadership, either personal or positional, that brings people together to further the mission and vision of the university
  • fostering collaboration, communication and cooperation among colleagues and stakeholders through exceptional participation and effectiveness in university governance or planning processes
  • developing outreach programs and activities that invite and encourage collaboration and partnerships between UVic and our local and global communities within the university and beyond

Cultivator award

This award recognizes individuals or teams who make continuous improvements. They nurture and grow our existing organizational, human, financial and physical resources to create an extraordinary experience for students, faculty, staff or our community.

Nomination criteria may include but is not limited to:

  • finding new and better ways to use existing UVic assets and resources
  • developing significant improvements for an existing process, service, or equipment that enhances the experience for users and furthers university objectives
  • improving—either visibly or behind-the-scenes—the quality and livability of our campus

Nominees who have created new resources and processes may be better suited for the Innovator Award.

Innovator award

This award recognizes individuals or teams who innovate. They create and contribute to positive change and progress at UVic.

Nomination criteria may include but is not limited to:

  • helping create and implement an innovative new process or service
  • challenging the status quo in a way that positively contributes to the university’s mission
  • contributing inspiring, constructive and provocative ideas that enrich the university’s culture

Nominees who have improved existing resources and processes may be better suited for the Cultivator Award.

How to nominate

All UVic employees are eligible for these awards and may be nominated as individuals or teams by an eligible nominator.

Call for nominations

The awards process begins with a call for nominations via various communications channels in the early winter.

To be eligible, nominees must be active employees within the nominating year. Nominators must be an active UVic employee (faculty or staff) and make their nominations in writing via the nomination form.

Nominations that meet award criteria will remain active for three years. However, nominations will only be considered in years two and three if the nominator sends a letter and updated nomination form to the selection committee asking that this be done.

Selection process

A selection committee adjudicates the awards each year. Their job is to select recipients who go above and beyond what is expected of their role. The committee reviews nominations and makes recommendations for final recipients to the President.

As the awards are open to both individuals and teams from all employee groups, the selection committee considers nominees’ contributions within their particular contexts. For example, one employee’s role may allow more formal opportunities to meet the award criteria, while another person may need to reach above and beyond their formal role to achieve the same impact.

The selection committee would assess the nominees’ contributions in these positions on a relative rather than absolute basis. The same principle would apply in assessing teams and individual nominations in the same category.


The awards are announced at the Cause for Applause Awards Celebration. Individual recipients receive a certificate of $1000, and teams receive and share $2500.00. The total value of all awards will not exceed $12,500.00.

Please note that monies received are a taxable benefit. The award recipients will be featured in various university publications celebrating them and their contributions to the UVic community.

Past recipients

Recipients are celebrated in various UVic publications each year. A detailed article about the winners is included in The Ring every spring.

Recent recipients:

Contact us

For questions regarding the nomination process, please contact HR Program and Projects Manager.