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Academic Writing Requirement

The Academic Writing Requirement (AWR) ensures that you have the reading, writing and research skills you'll need to successfully complete your studies. Every student enrolled in an undergraduate degree program must complete the AWR in order to graduate from UVic.

AWR and the English Language Proficiency Requirement

The AWR is different from UVic's English Language Proficiency Requirement.

The English Language Proficiency Requirement ensures that a student applying to UVic has enough proficiency to study at an English-language university. A student must meet the English Language Proficiency Requirement in order to be admitted to undergraduate studies.

The Academic Writing Requirement ensures that a current UVic student has the reading, writing and research skills necessary to succeed in their degree studies. In some cases, a student will have already completed the AWR when they enroll at UVic. If not, the student can take an AWR-designated course offered by UVic.

Completing the AWR with previous studies

When you enroll at UVic, you'll be informed if you already meet the AWR based on your previous studies.

  • A final grade of at least 86% in B.C. English Studies 12, English First Peoples 12, or an approved equivalent Canadian curriculum grade 12 English course taken within the three years immediately prior to admission.
  • A minimum 1.5 units of transfer credit for ATWP 135, ENGL 135, ENSH 101, ENSH 102, ENGR 110 or ATWP level credit.
  • A degree from a recognized English-speaking university.

Completing the AWR at UVic

If your previous studies don't qualify for the AWR, you can take one of the following AWR-designated courses to complete the requirement:

  • ATWP 135 - Academic Reading and Writing
  • ENGR 110 - Design and Communication I (only available to engineering students)
  • ENSH 101 - Contemporary Literature (formerly ENGL 146)
  • ENSH 102 - Literary Traditions (formerly ENGL 147)

We recommend that you take an AWR-designated course as soon as possible, so that you can benefit from your new skills immediately.

  • Most students complete the AWR in their first year at UVic.
  • Transfer students who are admitted to third-year studies must complete the AWR during their first Winter Session.
  • Nursing and block-transfer students should consult their academic advisers to confirm their deadlines for completing the AWR.

ATWP 101

If you think you need to strengthen your reading and writing skills before completing your AWR-designated course, register for ATWP 101 - Fundamentals of Academic Literary.

ATWP 101 puts you in a small class with other students who are also working to improve their academic reading and writing. You'll get lots of practice and personal attention from your instructors.

After taking ATWP 101, you'll be well-prepared to complete an AWR-designated course. More importantly, you'll gain an advantage in all of the courses you take at UVic.