Pre-Arrival Program

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To be completed online in December and January

Your orientation to UVic starts even before your first class. Completing our online pre-arrival program in the months before you start at UVic will make your first few weeks a little easier and to help make you a little more successful. By taking the time to complete this program, you will:

  • Learn what to expect at UVic, inside and outside the classroom
  • Learn what supports and services are available to you
  • Explore some strategies for university success
  • Feel ready and confident to start the term

All undergraduate students who are new to UVic should complete this program before the first day of classes on January 9, 2023. This program is not intended for graduate students. 


The online program will introduce you to the following topics*:

Topic Description
Welcome to our community Learn more about the UVic community, including some fun facts, our community values and the basics of navigating the campus.
Transition Learn more about what changes to expect in your life, evaluate your life skills and make a plan for building and maintaining your community.
Academic success Learn what to expect during your first term at UVic, develop strategies for success and explore how to maintain your academic integrity. This topic also includes optional content about online learning. 

Health & wellness

Learn about the wellness wheel, reflect on the strategies you use for self-care and explore ways to maintain positive mental and physical health at university.

Substance use

Learn more about substance use at UVic and reflect on what you would like your relationship with substances to be.
Involvement Learn why involvement is an important part of your UVic experience, explore the wide variety of opportunities available on campus and make a plan to get involved.

*Transfer students may see a different set of topics

How to complete the program

The online pre-arrival program is hosted within Brightspace, UVic's learning management system. You  must be registered in classes for the winter term before you will be able to access the program.

The program will become available December 7, 2022.

Student type Program access
First-year students and study abroad/exchange students Enroll in the program
Transfer students, mature students (23+) and previous degree holders Enroll in the program

For the best experience, we recommend that you complete the program using Chrome as your browser. If you have any difficulty accessing the program, please email

If you are a UVic faculty or staff member and wish to view the program, please contact for access.

If you started at UVic in May 2022 or September 2022 and missed the self-enrollment period for the program, please email to gain access.