Visiting Research Students

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A limited number of visiting research student positions are available for students who are registered in a graduate program at any other institution (Canadian or international) and are interested in visiting to work with faculty for varying lengths of time. The key criterion for acceptance is a close fit between your proposed area of study and the research interests of our faculty members.

Visiting research students (VRS) are expected to reside in the greater Victoria area during their time at the University of Victoria.  You will not be charged tuition unless you register for additional courses.  We are not able to offer a stipend, travel costs, or research expenses. The Faculty of Law cannot provide private office space, but either a locker or individual workspace as well as the shared computing facilities will be made available to you in our Law Library.

International applicants: Ensure that you take into account both our timeline for approval and the timeline of approval of study permits (where applicable) when you propose your dates.

Step A: Submit notice of interest

We recommend that, in consultation with your home institution supervisor or supervisory committee, you review our current UVic Law faculty members to ascertain whose research interests are a close fit with your proposed area of study. Please submit an e-mail to our to indicate your interest in visiting UVic Law to work with faculty here as a Graduate Visiting Research Student (GVRS). Please include the name(s) of the faculty you would like to work with, along with a one-page research proposal. Please do not reach out to any faculty at this point. The graduate program coordinator will be able to inform you immediately whether or not we are currently accepting GVRS applications. If we are, and there is supervisorial capacity, and interest from faculty (in principle only), you will receive an email within 2-4 weeks instructing you to proceed with Steps B and C.

Step B: Create online application profile

If you have a University of Victoria V number in the format V00000000, then continue to the next step.

Otherwise, create an online application profile and only the profile.  Once you complete the profile, you will receive an email with an application ID in the format A00000000.

Step C: Submit formal application request

Email the with:

  • Your application ID (A00000000) or V number (V00000000)
  • One-page research proposal
  • Resume/CV including the name of your current supervisor
  • Unofficial confirmation of a recognized degree from an institution where the language of instruction is English, a minimum iBT TOEFL score of 100, or a minimum IELTS score of 7.0.
  • Your proposed supervisor
  • Your available timeline

The graduate program coordinator will provide you with a preliminary timeline to work with you and the Graduate Admissions Committee to determine if there are resources available for your visit.  With a supervisor arranged, it will normally take up to 4 – 6 weeks to obtain confirmation of resources available for your visit.  During the LLM/PhD admission cycle or if you do not have a supervisor confirmed, it may take an additional 4 – 6 weeks for such confirmation.

Step D: Complete application (post-approval only)

Part 1:  Letter of Agreement

If your application was approved by the Graduate Admissions Committee, you will receive a Letter of Agreement form for execution.

Part 2: Online Application

Using your application ID or V number, complete the online application as described on the Faculty of Graduate Studies admissions page for Graduate Visiting Research Students.

Part 3: Submission

Complete the actions requested on the Letter of Agreement form, sign the form, and obtain the signature from your home institution supervisor. Return it to the graduate program coordinator who will obtain the remaining signatures and submit the form to the Graduate Admissions and Records Office (GARO).