Black Admission Stream

In our commitment to diversity, equity, and social justice at UVic Law, we acknowledge that our admissions processes have inadequately responded to the systemic discrimination experienced by Black students, and the underrepresentation of Black students in Canadian law schools.

We have created a Black Admission Stream to respond to these historic and ongoing inequities within the UVic Law community, and the profession more broadly, by intentionally seeking to admit more Black students. Students who self-identify as Black may, but are not required to, apply through our Black Admission Stream and submit a Black Admission statement.

Applicants will only be considered within the admission stream and the program for which they submit an application. Black applicants applying through the Black admission stream may choose to submit two applications, one for the JD and one for the JD/JID. Each application is reviewed holistically, and conventional metrics, as well as broader strengths and life experiences are considered. Considerable weight is given to your personal and additional statement.

Applications in this stream will be reviewed by Black members of the Admissions Committee. All Admission Committee members have been trained to approach their reviews recognizing and applying anti-Racism, decolonization and unconscious bias, equity and inclusion practices.

As with all of our admission streams, there is no quota to fill these spaces in our first year class. All applications will undergo the same holistic review. In a typical year, we expect to receive far more applications than we have space to accommodate.

Black Admission Instructions :

To be considered for admission to the Faculty of Law, please complete the following steps:

  1. Submission of the online application form;
  2. Payment of the application fee;
  3. Law School Admission Test (LSAT) score (written no later than the January test date);
  4. Submit a Personal statement including both Part A and B, Part A not exceeding 750 words;
  5. Submit a Black Admission statement
  6. One copy of a transcript for all post-secondary studies including exchange and study abroad transcripts;
  7. Completed Law Admissions Equity & Diversity Survey; and
  8. TOEFL results (if applicable).

The necessary materials must be included and uploaded with your application to UVic Law by the published admission deadline date. An incomplete application will not be considered.

Black Admission statement:

The Black admission statement may address any number of factors.  There is no template to follow to express and describe yourself, and you are encouraged to bring your own voice and experience to this statement.  You may, for example, write about your connection to, interest in, and/or identification with Black community, your strengths, your achievements, the goals, aspirations and motivations that bring you to apply to law school, your reasons for applying in the Black admission category, and/ or further and greater detail about any other aspect of your application or experience that you wish to include.  

The deadline for submitting transcripts and supporting documentation is December 1 at 4pm (PST).

All information collected for the purposes of admission to the UVic Faculty of Law will be kept confidential. Your information may be shared with the Law Admissions staff and the Admissions subcommittee reviewing your file. If an offer of admission is extended and you accept, your admission file, in its entirety, will be forwarded to the Faculty of Law Academic and Student Relations Office.  Your admission file may be accessed by authorized staff, administrators, and members of the Admissions Committee for the purpose of carrying out their duties relating to your academic status and to provide educational and related services including assessment for awards and applying Faculty of Law and University of Victoria policies regarding academic integrity, accommodation and academic concessions. 

With this in mind, please redact sensitive identifying information. Should you have any questions about confidentiality or sensitive information, feel free to email the Admissions Officer at

The UVic Law Admissions Committee will review the pathway and the process after the first year of implementation and solicit feedback from Black applicants and members of the Admissions sub-committee that reviewed these applications.