LSAT Writing

All applicants are required to take the LSAT. We accept LSAT scores that are up to 5 years old. The January test date is the last date that you can write the LSAT and still be eligible for admission in September.

The LSAT consists of two portions: a Multiple Choice portion (scored) and an LSAT Writing (formerly called the Writing Sample) (unscored). 

If you are a first-time test taker, you should complete your LSAT Writing as close as possible to the date that the Multiple Choice score is released to test takers. 

If you are a prior test-taker with scores from June 2016 to May 2021, and you will be re-writing the LSAT, you do not need to complete the LSAT Writing again (although you may choose to do so).


LSAT Preparation Seminars

  1. AlphaScore
  2. &Sage
  3. Kaplan Inc.
  4. Khan Academy
  5. Oxford Seminars
  6. PowerScore
  7. Princeton Review
  8. TestMasters
  9. The LSAT Center

LSAT Preparation Manuals

Most of the these books and resources can be purchased through campus bookstores

  1. 10 Actual Official LSAT Preptests
    • Law School Admission Council
  1. Cracking the LSAT
    • Princeton Review
  1. Let’s LSAT: 180 Tips from 180 Students on How to Score 180 on Your LSAT
    • Written by Jacob Erez
  1. LSAT Hacks: Explanation for 10 Actual, Official LSAT Pretests
    • Written by Graeme Blake
  1. LSAT Premier Program
    • Kaplan
  1. Master the LSAT
    • Arco
  1. Mcgraw - Hill's Conquering LSAT Logic Games
    • Curvebreakers
  2. The PowerScore LSAT Logic Games Bible


  1. Law School Bound – Everything you need to get into law school in Canada and U.S.!
    • Written by John Richardson
  1. So, You Want to Be a Lawyer, Eh?: A Comprehensive Guidebook for Prospective and Current Canadian Law Students
    • Written by Adam Letourneau
  1. THE LAW SCHOOL BOOK - Succeeding at Law School
    • Written by Allan C. Hutchinson and Pam Marshall