Tuition and financial aid

UVic Law Books Pictured in the Diana M. Priestly Law Library
UVic Law books in the Diana M. Priestly Law Library

In 2016-17 our students received over one million dollars in funding through scholarships, awards, grants and bursaries from the general university and the Faculty of Law.

Tuition and costs

2018-2019 winter session (Sept-Apr)

  • Tuition is $9,772.92 for domestic students
  • 2018-19 fees are approximately $1,120 for domestic students
  • Texts and course materials are approximately $1,500/year
  • 2018-19 Law Co-op work term fee is $703
  • Cost of living off campus for a single student is approximately $12,512 according to Student Aid BC (moderate standard of living)

Financial aid

Video overview of available financial aid programs.

UVic Law Bursaries – The 2019-20 Fall/Winter Faculty of Law bursary application is expected to open and be available at the beginning of June. Bursary applications for the 2019-20 Fall/Winter academic calendar year are due June 30, 2019. If you need an application for the 2019 summer term, please email the Financial Aid Officer. All supporting documentation for submitted applications (i.e. pay stubs, mortgage statements, student loan notices of assessment) is due August 15, 2019.

UVic General Undergraduate Bursaries – The UVic undergraduate bursary application is available online. The deadline for UVic general bursaries for the winter session is October 15.

Law Foundation Diversity Access Grant – These grants provide financial assistance for exceptional or unexpected circumstances. Contact the Financial Aid Officer for an application form and to confirm your eligibility. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.

Dean's Emergency Loans – These loans are available to provide short term, interest-free funds to students experiencing unanticipated financial crisis. This assistance includes, but is not limited to, an inability to pay immediate living costs due to unexpected delays receiving government student assistance or personal/family crisis which generate urgent financial need.  Emergency Loans are not intended to pay for tuition fees and are not a regular supplement or substitute for traditional forms of student financial aid, i.e. government student assistance, scholarships, bursaries, family support etc.  Application should be made directly to the law financial aid officer.

Scholarships and awards

You do not need to submit an application for our scholarships and awards.

Entrance scholarships – You are automatically considered for entrance scholarships upon acceptance. Scholarships range from $1,000-$15,000 and are awarded to the most qualified students in the applicant pool.

Scholarships and course prizes – Numerous scholarships and course prizes are awarded on the basis of academic achievement.

External funding

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list.