Expanded gender declaration options

UVic is pleased to announce expanded gender declaration options starting fall 2022 following the new guidelines and standards provided from Government of British Columbia. 

The expansion to collect information on gender identity and gender expression will better represent the diversity of people at UVic. For example, Statistics Canada shares that transgender or non-binary people have reported poorer mental health outcomes, non-binary faculty and researchers experience more unfair treatment and discrimination, and non-binary people are more likely to live in housing that requires major repair compared to men and women. With data on the number of transgender or non-binary people at UVic, we will be in a better position to provide specific and robust supports for students and employees in the ways needed.

Gender options through Banner 

Expanded gender declaration options for UVic applicants, students, and employees are being added to Banner. Banner is the primary system of record for UVic. It is used by employees to search and manage personnel information, awards and scholarships, employee payroll records, and more. Information on Banner is confidential and protected.

The current options of responding to gender questions with female/male/not available with two expanded gender questions:

  1. Gender identity: man/non-binary/woman/prefer not to answer
  2. Gender expression: cisgender/transgender/prefer not to answer

Update your information

As of July 22, 2022

The implementation of gender identity and gender expression for the Banner system will be completed as resources and technology are available to update the integrated systems.

The "as of [date]" field marks when we have last updated the process. Please check here regularly if you are seeking an update on the "in progress" items. 

Student applicants

If you're a first-time applicant to UVic you can indicate and update your gender identity and gender expression in the profile section of your application. Please contact your admission assistant if you have any questions.

If you need to update your gender identity or gender expression after you submit your application, please see “current and past students” below.

Current and past students

You can update your gender identity and gender expression through the personal information change form.

Please contact  if you have any questions.

New employees

Gender identity: This can be added to the personal record through the UVic Careers hiring process or through the appropriate appointment form.

Gender expression: This option is in progress.

Current and former employees

Gender identity: You can update this by submitting a personal information change form for faculty and staff.

Gender expression: This option is in progress.

Legal sex: If you are enrolled in a pension plan and there has been a change to your legal sex or name, please contact to update your records. For a quick guide on updating your name at UVic, please visit trans inclusion services for faculty and staff.

Project considerations

Policies guiding UVic to implement expanded gender declaration options responsibly include:

A person may hold one or more roles (i.e., student and staff) at any given time. Coordination across areas of UVic is in place to ensure a successful implementation into Banner.

Within the initial project there are three phases:

  1. Initiate and implement gender identity declaration
  2. Implement gender expression declaration
  3. Provide guidelines for reporting requirements

Next steps will be to add expanded gender declaration options into other UVic record systems including, but not limited to, the Employment EquitySurvey, Residence Services, Co-op and Career, and Athletics and Recreation.

Visit our trans inclusion information to learn more about gender diversity inclusion at UVic.


UVic is proud of the collaborative approach to implementing gender identity and gender expression declaration. We appreciate your patience as these options become available to all the people in our community. Please contact EQHR if you want more information.