Black Inclusion and Flourishing at UVic

Recognizing the negative and enduring impact of systemic and structural racism on Black people, UVic is working towards redressing anti-Black racism and fostering Black inclusion. One demonstration of UVic’s commitment to these goals has been signing the Scarborough Charter on Anti-Black Racism and Black Inclusion in Canadian Higher Education.

Work is underway to meet commitments outlined in the Scarborough Charter through community engagement, the collaborative efforts of the Scarborough Charter Steering Committee and in committed actions through the Equity Action Plan.

We also want to acknowledge that there are individuals and groups across campus and in the broader community working toward these goals. We hope this will become a space for the entire Black community to share our work and uplift one another.

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The Steering Committee's work in-progress:

  • Build a Black Caucus at UVic to uplift voices and collective experiences.
  • Create a permanent physical space for Black people to gather, connect and collaborate, and foster community.
  • Create a resource list to build community and strengthen local supports.
  • Create and collaborate on events and initiatives that celebrate Black inclusion, joy, and achievements.
  • Strengthen this page as a primary tool for information sharing.

Scarborough Charter at UVic - Background

In December 2021, UVic signed the Scarborough Charter. More than 50 other universities and colleges in the country have signed and committed to the Scarborough Charter to create an Inter-institutional Forum. Since then, UVic has begun a journey to integrate the principles and committed actions held in the Charter to create an environment for Black flourishing, inclusive excellence, mutuality, and accountability.


  • May 2022 – UVic joins the first Inter-Institutional Forum
  • October 2022 – UVic launched the Equity Action Plan with committed actions adapted from the Scarborough Charter to support institutional action on campus.
  • October 2022 – UVic establishes Charter leads.
  • November 2022 to May 2023 – Scarborough Charter Leadership Consultations.
  • May 2023 (ongoing) – Scarborough Charter Steering Committee begins meeting monthly to prioritize committed actions under the Scarborough Charter and in centring the needs of our local community.
  • Oct 2023 - Steering Committee facilitates their first campus event as part of 5 Days of Action.


The four principles of the Scarborough Charter are:

  • Black flourishing
  • Inclusive excellence
  • Mutuality
  • Accountability

In addition to following the principles listed in the Scarborough Charter, the Steering Committee’s focus is to centre the work in addressing ways to remove existing barriers to Black flourishing, find ways to celebrate excellence and acknowledging the lived experiences of Black people at UVic. We aim to be collaborative in creating spaces and opportunities for the empowerment of Black students, staff, faculty and community members. Our hope is to create community engagement, increase visibility, and uplift Black experiences on and off campus. We are working to develop and support a strong network that can ensure Black people feel seen, heard, recognized, and supported.

Steering Committee

A Scarborough Charter Steering Committee was formed in May 2023 centred to identify ways to develop and nourish the community for Black people on and off campus. The committee is composed of representatives who identify as Black, African and/or Caribbean students, staff, faculty, alumni, and external community members. 

Scarborough Charter Steering Committee members

  • Tricia Best (she/her), Co-chair, staff member
  • Kelci Harris (she/her), Co-chair, faculty member
  • Parker Johnson (he/him), Community member and alumni
  • Hediyeh Karimian (she/her), Law student member
  • Folakemi Olorode (she/her), Undergraduate student member
  • Janine Mayers (she/her), Staff member
  • Niiyokamigaabaw Deondre Smiles (he/them/wiin), Faculty member
  • Dzifa Dordunoo (she/her), Faculty member
  • Mandy Suen (she/her), Administrative support

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