Plans, policies and resources supporting inclusion of gender diversity at UVic

The foundation for inclusion of gender diversity at UVic is found in many of the documents and resources across our institution.


Strategic Framework

UVic’s New Strategic Framework (2018-2023) includes values of equity, inclusion and respect for everyone (Strategic Priority 1) and commitments to foster reconciliation and respect for Indigenous peoples and communities (Strategic Priority 4). It is a framework to support concrete activities and plans throughout the university.

Equity Action Plan

UVic's Equity Action Plan has goals provide UVic with strategic direction to advance equity, diversity and inclusion, and to create the conditions in which everyone feels a sense of belonging: as connected and respected parts of the university community. The Plan provides overarching goals with a list of commited actions, a lead that is accountable to the action, and an outward reporting process.

UVic policy commitment

UVic’s policies, including the Discrimination and Harassment Policy (GV0205) and the Sexualized Violence Prevention and Response Policy (GV0245), reflect the legal responsibility to provide protection from discrimination and harassment due to gender identity and expression.

Sexualized Violence Prevention and Response Policy

The Sexualized Violence Prevention and Response Policy (GV0245), established in 2017, has a broad definition of sexualized violence: “… any non-consensual, unwanted behavior that is actual, attempted, or threatened and that is carried out through sexual means or by targeting a person’s sex, sexual identity, or gender identity or expression.” The policy takes a survivor-centred and trauma-informed approach in supporting survivors and those impacted. As well, the policy specifically identifies transphobia/transmisogyny as sexualized violence. Learn more about the Policy and Procedures.

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Discrimination and Harassment Policy

The Discrimination and Harassment Policy (GV0205), supports people facing discrimination or harassment related to gender identity and/or expression. Learn more about Discrimination and Harassment. You can contact the Equity and Human Rights office to ask questions or arrange a consultation to see what support or advice can be provided to address your experiences. The educational resources have some information on sexual and gender diversity. Contact us to discuss education for your area.

Chair in Transgender Studies

The world’s only Chair in Transgender Studies is a global leader in the advancement of gender equity and human rights. The Chair in Transgender Studies is a research and community outreach office dedicated to community-building and to fostering and sharing scholarship by and about trans, non-binary, and Two-Spirit people.

Transgender Archives

The Transgender Archives at the University of Victoria preserve and safeguard the history of pioneering trans, non-binary, and Two-Spirit activists, community leaders, and researchers who have contributed to the betterment of trans, non-binary, and Two-Spirit people. The Archives can be accessed free of charge.

Expectations for student behaviour

Resolution of Non-Academic Misconduct Allegations Policy and the Community Standards as contained in the Residence Services Community Handbook. Each student is responsible for how their personal conduct affects the university community. This responsibility includes upholding the university’s commitments to a safe, respectful and supportive learning, living and working environment. Students who are on university property and/or participating in a university activity are expected to take responsibility for their actions, ensure lawful personal conduct, and respect the rights, privileges and safety of others.

UVic Pride

UVic Pride is an advocacy group with the University of Victoria Students’ Society (UVSS). Most of UVic Pride’s funding is from the undergraduate students at UVic. They represent, advocate for, and provide resources and services for queer, trans, and Two-Spirit students on Campus. They also offer support to the wider community as a whole. They support students and community members in learning about, trying on, and ordering gender-affirming resources, such as chest binders, breast forms, packers, gaffs and more. They have some funding available for people in need as well.

Gender Empowerment Centre (gem)

The Gender Empowerment Centre (gem) is affiliated with the University of Victoria Students’ Society (UVSS).  They provide a safe and supportive space to build an anti-oppression community through sharing, learning, and teaching. They are committed to constantly re-accessing and adapting to better host an anti-oppressive space. To do this, they commit to consistent evaluation of their practices. They welcome critical feedback so that they may better practice being an intersectional feminist, queer positive, trans positive, decolonizing, anti-racist space.

The Anti-Violence Project (AVP)

The Anti-Violence Project (AVP) is affiliated with the University of Victoria Students’ Society (UVSS). They provide support, education and resources to all students, staff, faculty and other community members who have been impacted by gender-based violence. These people may have experienced gender-based violence directly, supported someone who has, or caused harm themselves. AVP offers drop-in hours and appointments for support. Their staff and volunteers have training and lived experience supporting and being trans, non-binary and Two-Spirit folks.