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DISTINCTLY UVIC A Strategy for the University of Victoria | 2023 Forward

UVic's Strategic Plan

The world is changing. It needs our critical thinking to address today's complex challenges. And we're ready.
Together, we can work towards a brighter, shared future for ourselves, our communities and our world. UVic's Strategic Plan is a call to live in right relationship, to exist sustainably and equitably, and to use our experience and creativity to spark positive change. 
We pledge to hold ourselves accountable to ʔetal nəwəl | ÁTOL,NEUEL by respecting the rights of one another, being in right relationship with all things, and by upholding the rights of Indigenous Peoples.
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Territory acknowledgement

We acknowledge and respect the Lək̓ʷəŋən (Songhees and Esquimalt) Peoples on whose territory the university stands, and the Lək̓ʷəŋən and W̱SÁNEĆ Peoples whose historical relationships with the land continue to this day.

A note about the language and teachings in the plan.

60 years of

For over 60 years, UVic has proven its unwavering commitment to providing an excellent student experience in a supportive teaching and learning environment, to partnering with communities, and to pursuing research and creative activities that make an impact, both locally and globally. We are prepared to face a changing world with renewed commitment, enthusiasm, compassion and humility. 
This moment will define our future. It will need us to try new ways of teaching, and new methods of tackling the world’s most complex problems through creativity, innovative research and partnerships—building community inside and outside the classroom. Now is the time to re-imagine the lab and studio, libraries and offices, campus and community to create interconnected and interdisciplinary opportunities. 
This strategic plan doesn’t capture every detail of what we do at UVic. This plan urges us to be creative, innovative, collaborative, compassionate and brilliant—not on our own, but together. Bringing together different perspectives and lived experiences is what allows us to build better solutions. We are ready to take action and lift up the expectations we have for each other and the role UVic has in the world and the communities we serve.
This is the start of our next 60 years. It's our moment to be Distinctly UVic. 
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Our priorities

ʔetal nəwəl | ÁTOL,NEUEL

ʔetal nəwəl | ÁTOL,NEUEL | Respecting the rights of one another and being in right relationship with all things reinforces UVic’s commitment to implement core local, national and international responsibilities and calls to action that support the rights and sovereignties of Indigenous Peoples—for example, UNDRIP, DRIPA, the MMIWG Report and the TRC Calls to Action. 

People, place & the planet

Our current social and environmental context clearly demonstrates the urgent need to solve the issues threatening the well-being of Earth and all beings living here. The teaching of Sʔeəɫenxʷ | S,ÁEȽA’NW̱ | When things are in harmony reinforces what we know—that all life is interconnected, with individual and community choices having far-reaching impacts. Healthy communities depend on responsible stewardship. 

Culture of change & transformation

We aspire to create a culture of courage, trust, curiosity and flexibility that will advance our quest to solve big problems and create powerful, positive change. New ideas can change everything—and Xəčiŋəɫ nəwəl | XEĆIṈEȽNEUEL | Actively planning and problem solving teaches us to engage deeply with challenges and opportunities. Cultivating change means having the courage to take risks, embrace new ideas, and be open to learning and trying things in new ways. 

Partnering for a shared future

ʔəy̓ nəwəl ʔist | ÍY,NEUELIST | Moving forward together for the good of all instructs us to come to the table as engaged and authentic partners. We actively co-create inclusive, values-based partnerships that are reciprocal, mutually beneficial and long-lasting. We acknowledge that lived experiences and diverse knowledge systems are essential in finding solutions to the challenges facing society and the planet. 

our stories

We want to thank the members of the UVic community for your thoughtful engagement since the beginning of the planning process in fall of 2021. This plan was built from the input of thousands of staff, students, faculty, alumni, donors, community members, external leaders—from surveys, pop-up info booths, in-person discussions, town halls and multiple engagement opportunities on and off campus. A lot of effort, expertise and careful consideration went into the development of this plan.  

How we got here

over 18 months
2,500+ participants
+ hundreds of sticky notes
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A Strategy for the University of Victoria | 2023 Forward