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Culture of change & transformation

Xəčiŋəɫ nəwəl | XEĆIṈEȽNEUEL | Actively planning and problem solving

We aspire to create a culture of courage, trust, curiosity and flexibility that will advance our quest to solve big problems and create powerful, positive change. 

New ideas can change everything—and xəčiŋəɫ nəwəl | XEĆIṈEȽNEUEL (actively planning and problem solving) teaches us to engage deeply with challenges and opportunities. Cultivating change means having the courage to take risks, embrace new ideas, and be open to learning and trying things in new ways. 

A culture of innovation becomes possible with trust between people, and across disciplines and areas of expertise. People are the key. Only by actively supporting the people who make up our community—with attention to equity and belonging—can we reach our full potential. Honouring and welcoming diverse ways of knowing and being creates fertile ground for ideas that can, and will, transform our communities and the world. 



Supporting collaborative approaches to innovation in our research, knowledge mobilization, experiential learning programs and operations. 


Fostering adaptable, creative policies, governance and uses of space and resources to grow transformative ideas, partnerships, education and communities of practice. 


Creating a culture of trust, respect and collaboration that will attract and support curious, courageous people who are driven to engage, solve, teach and learn. 


Embracing risk-taking in the pursuit of knowledge, creativity and impact for all university activities. 

Priorities in action

Culture of change & transformation

We want to approach everything with curiosity and a willingness to try new things.

Sample initiatives

  • expand the range of climate and sustainability initiatives and opportunities for greater student engagement outside the classroom on- and off-campus, while recognizing the needs of a diverse student population (Climate and Sustainability Action Plan, Strategy 8.1) 
  • establish a Thinkers-in-Residence program to bring international leaders to UVic to collaborate and lead open discourse on societal challenges (Aspiration 2030: UVic Research and Creative Works Strategy, Global engagement) 
  • develop tools and strategies to support the UVic community in addressing resistance to the change required to achieve the goals of the EAP (Equity Action Plan, Institutional accountability)

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