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People, place & the planet

Sʔeəɫenxʷ | S,ÁEȽA’NW̱ | When things are in harmony

Our current social and environmental context clearly demonstrates the urgent need to solve the issues threatening the well-being of Earth and all beings living here. The teaching of The teaching of Sʔeəɫenxʷ | S,ÁEȽA’NW̱ | When things are in harmony reinforces what we know—that all life is interconnected, with individual and community choices having far-reaching impacts. Healthy communities depend on responsible stewardship. 

UVic is a living lab, supporting and empowering people to exist more sustainably and improve the well-being of communities and our planet. By understanding the reciprocal and interdependent relationships in our world and the importance of diversity, community and genuine belonging, we discover how to live in transformative, respectful and thoughtful ways. 

Together, we are working to create a healthier and more resilient future that upholds the well-being of our region and of all life on our planet. We advance local and global issues like climate action and sustainability, social justice and equity, and health and wellness. We embrace and are guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 


Inspiring & activating

Inspiring and activating people to thrive in a changing world by tackling local and global challenges through critical thought and perseverance. 

Including & supporting

Including and supporting diverse and talented students, staff and faculty who want to make a difference in communities and have a positive impact on people, places and the planet. 


Addressing systemic barriers to equity and inclusion and progressively integrating our guiding principles throughout all decisions, processes and outcomes, to transform practices within UVic. 

Developing & sharing

Developing and sharing innovative strategies and solutions that support healthy, sustainable communities, and address global crises and our evolving world. 

Priorities in action

People, place & the planet

We care about the well-being of communities and our planet.

Sample initiatives

  • support research and scholarly activities that directly advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals and systematically track our progress (Aspiration 2030: UVic Research and Creative Works Strategy, Societal impact) 
  • build mentorship and sponsorship programs to support employees and students from systemically and historically marginalized communities to advance into positions of leadership (Equity Action Plan, Recruitment & retention) 
  • integrate Indigenous cultural competencies and anti-racist/oppressive practice as key components for evaluating staff, administrator and executive job performance and faculty service, research and teaching, expanding our ideas of excellence (Indigenous Plan, 3.1.2)

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