Workshops, courses and training

We approach education through an intersectional and anti-oppression lens. We offer many workshops and trainings:

  • Targeted workshops: For a particular UVic department’s needs
  • Courses: For UVic managers and supervisors, offered through UVic’s Human Resources Learning and Development
  • Public workshops and presentations: For the UVic community about human rights, equity, power, privilege, anti-oppression practices, social justice, diversity and inclusion, and many more. 

Some of the workshops we offer:

  • Ways to address discrimination, harassment and bullying
  • Creating diverse, inclusive work and learning spaces
  • Interpersonal and intercultural communication and conflict resolution
  • Challenging privilege, power and oppression
  • Equitable recruitment practices
  • Human rights volunteering, capacity building and creating partnerships

Contact us to learn more or arrange a session for your team.

Education strategic plan

UVic is developing an educational strategic plan to advance our commitments for equity, diversity and inclusion. Stay tuned for more information.