What we all can do to support trans, Two-Spirit and non-binary people

We expect everyone at UVic to treat all members of our community and visitors with respect. Here are some ideas about how to do that.

Use the pronouns and names that people have asked you to use:

Make space for people to share their names and pronouns rather than assuming what they are.

Avoid gendered language (e.g., “You guys,” “Hello ladies,” “Boys and girls”); find other ways to talk to people and groups (e.g., “You folks,” “Hello everyone,” “Members of the class”). There are many resources to support the use of gender inclusive language:

Learn more about gender diversity and how to be an ally:

Take courses at UVic:

  • For Students: The Office of Student Life offers the Bringing in the Bystander workshop that builds awareness and skills to recognize and intervene in situations of sexualized violence. This workshop develops an understanding of the broad spectrum of behaviours of sexualized violence, including discrimination related to gender identity. By empowering students to become active bystanders, they hope to create a compassionate community response, prevent sexualized violence, and foster a safer environment on campus. The workshop is offered in-person and online.
  • For staff and faculty: Human Resources offers courses on gender diversity, bystander intervention, and many other relevant topics.