5 Days of Action

October 30 - November 3, 2023

5 Days of Action is a free, week-long event aimed at amplifying the work groups, units and organizations (on- and off-campus) are doing to create a more diverse, inclusive and equitable campus and community throughout the year. Each day of the week represents a different call to action. Monday asks us to listen, Tuesday-reflect, Wednesday-dialogue, Thursday-engage, and Friday-take action. There will be many opportunities to reflect on what we can do as individuals and as part of a team to improve the sense of inclusion and belonging in our greater community.

During the event, we encourage you to take part by: visiting one of our artistic events; attending a workshop or seminar; engaging with our curated list of things to read, watch and do.

Any UVic community member can host or facilitate an event over the course of the week, or anytime throughout the year. No matter how we engage, 5 Days of Action: 365 of Commitment is an opportunity for our community to highlight our shared commitment to end discrimination, harassment, and sexualized violence.

If you have an event or program that you want to be spotlighted during the week, or you want to discuss ways to get involved, please contact us at daysofaction@uvic.ca.

Accessibility statement

As organizers of 5 Days of Action (5DoA), we strive to host inclusive, accessible events that enable everyone to engage fully. While we are working towards being accessible to all, we are not there yet. Accessible events are costly, and what those events look like will continue to expand alongside our learning about diverse access needs. This year, we hope to opt for an access over accommodation approach whenever possible. This means that our event will have a combination of measures in place to help folks attend; some will be built in through our planning, and some will be created around individual requests.  

Here is a snapshot of what the 5DoA’s first Accessibility Committee is committed to doing this year, and our plans moving forward.

 What we are doing:  

  • Implementing an Accessibility Committee comprised of folks with different access needs  
  • Working to increase our annual budget to ensure we create accessible events. 
  • Hiring ASL interpreters for our high participation events and ensuring captioning for all online events. 
  • Providing facilitators with guidance to support them in making their sessions more accessible. 
  • Posting an accessibility statement on the 5DoA website as part of our commitment to transparency.

What we are working on: 

  • Including accessibility considerations on our website to help folks prepare for an event, such as: content warnings, whether material is provided in advance, interactivity levels and more. 
  • Visiting each presentation space so that we can provide comprehensive venue information on our website (e.g., accessible and gender-neutral bathrooms, elevator access, room lighting etc.) 
  • Strategizing about the supportive role our committee members can play during 5 Days of Action events. 
  • Creating signage for accessible seating designations and building facilities (like washrooms, exits and water fountains). 
  • Identifying lower stimuli environments to go when an event becomes too stimulating or taxing. 
  • Becoming fully aware of how our identities inform and bias our decision making when it comes to our guiding accessibility principles and goals. 

If you have ideas or considerations on how to improve 5DoA events, please reach out to .


This event is held on the UVic campus, traditional territory of the lək̓ʷəŋən peoples, and the Songhees, Esquimalt and WSÁNEĆ peoples whose historical relationships with the land continue to this day.