Universal washrooms

In fall 2018, UVic formed a working group to develop, through consultation, a campus-wide approach to support universal, inclusive washrooms at UVic. There was robust public consultation with 930 people taking the online survey, and over 170 participating in person.

As an outcome of this project, UVic now has a webpage that lists washrooms that provide additional features, including gender inclusive washrooms.

About universal washrooms

”Universal” means spaces that can be accessed by people of every gender, and with a full range of identities, abilities and social positions. Other terms that are used include “inclusive,” “gender inclusive” and “all genders.”

Universal washrooms are essential if we want a campus that can be accessed by a diversity of students, faculty, staff and community members. The ready availability of safe and comfortable washroom options is a basic requirement to support the diverse community that studies, works, lives and visits the campus. Not providing such spaces creates a systemic barrier which unfairly limits access for some groups. UVic is committed to being an accessible campus and welcoming a diversity of people.


For more information, please see the new Washrooms pages in Facilities Management.