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All-gender washrooms

Washrooms should be safe and accessible for everyone, regardless of your gender. All-gender washrooms are available in many buildings at UVic.

Find an all-gender washroom

Click on the icon at the top left of this map to view a list of buildings with all-gender washrooms. 

Free menstrual products (pads and tampons) are available in first-floor washrooms in many high-traffic buildings. Free menstrual products are denoted by a red pointer on the map. 

Improving access

We are working to improve access to safe all-gender washrooms for the UVic community. We have a plan to retrofit existing washrooms in key buildings. Plus, all new building projects include all-gender multi-stall washrooms.

Our goals

  • Ensure that every building on the UVic campus has an all-gender washroom
  • Increase the ratio of all-gender washrooms to single-gender washrooms in UVic buildings

Renovation & building plans

Current projects

Petch and Sedgewick A-wing renovations are now complete. Planning is underway for renovations in the Business and Economics Building (BEC).  

Future projects

Buildings that lack publicly available all-gender washrooms are prioritized for retrofitted washrooms according to:

  1. Ease of implementation: cost, efficiency, concurrent renovations in building
  2. Building capacity: size and traffic
  3. Building prominence:
    1. Student-facing
    2. Public-facing
    3. Other

Buildings that currently lack publicly available all-gender washrooms will be prioritized in the following order:

  1. Business and Economics
  2. Saunders
  3. Elliott Lecture Wing
  4. Human and Social Development
  5. Stadium
  6. Graduate Students Society
  7. Michael Williams Building
  8. University Club

The priority order of buildings may be reassessed.

Contact us

Send an email to the project team if you have any questions or feedback about this project. We'd love to hear from you.