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Sustainability on campus

arial photo of uvic campus

Greening UVic campus is an important step on our path to sustainability.

Our campus sustainability actions help green the supply chain for goods and services, reduce community greenhouse gas emissions, support local farmers, create a major transit hub and reduce the amount of waste going to our regional landfill.

Active transportation

Over two-thirds of the UVic community uses sustainable transportation to travel to campus, including:

Green building projects

UVic is committed to progressive green building technologies and design, and accountability in building maintenance and performance that meets the needs of the campus community.

Waste reduction

Over 75% of waste produced every day at UVic is diverted from the landfill through innovative recycling and composting initiatives.

Learn about our committment to zero waste.

Food & water

UVic is committed to sustainable dining practices, such as composting and recycling, promoting reusable mugs, offering reuseable plates/cups/cutlery, offering sustainable disposables options like biodegradable straws and containers, and choosing local suppliers and ingredients whenever possible.

UVic continues to work towards water use reduction, recovery and stewardship practices through initiatives like water bottle filling stations, upgrades to water fountains, plumbing fixtures, fittings, appliances, equipment and systems with water-efficient alternatives.

Climate & Sustainability Action Plan 2030

UVic is committed to being a global leader in environmental, social and institutional sustainability.

Our Climate & Sustainability Action Plan (CSAP) lays out our strategies for achieving ambitious targets in greenhouse gas emissions, sustainability and the advancement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) by 2030.