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Research partnerships

We connect external partners with UVic faculty and students. These include industry, government, not-for-profit organizations, other post-secondary institutions, and Indigenous governments and organizations. 

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Business and industry partnerships

Our partnerships team connects industry, government and business partners with research expertise. We can also help you access funding programs for sponsored research and technology development. Learn about how to conduct research with UVic.

Community partners visit the Xwulqw’selu (Koksilah) watershed for measurements and observations as part of the Xwulqw’selu Connections Project.

Community partnerships

Our partnerships team connects not-for-profit organizations and government to UVic researchers. We can help you transform your idea into solutions to inform policy, programs and practice. We can also help you access funding programs for research and knowledge mobilization initiatives that positively impact communities. Learn about how to conduct research with UVic.
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Pathways to impact: Mobilizing Knowledge fund

The Pathways to Impact: Mobilizing Knowledge Fund supports researchers in mobilizing knowledge and creativity for greater impact.

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UVic technologies

Find a selection of UVic's licensable technologies and start-ups seeking partners on the IN-PART website.

Have questions about UVic technologies?

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Invention management

We support faculty, staff and students through their innovation journey. We aid in the development of research partnerships, intellectual property management (IP), commercialization, licensing and start-ups.

We support the management and development of novel ideas, inventions, processes and technologies to bring them to reality.

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Entrepreneurs at UVic

We have established a vibrant and diverse community to support our innovators and entrepreneurs. At the hub of this community, our Coast Capital Innovation Centre (CCIC) provides a range of supports. CCIC works with student, faculty and staff creators to bring their ideas to reality. Our supports include mentorship, connections, funding and action-based programming to grow their business or venture.

Innovation blog

Insightful and inspiring articles on innovative research, start-ups and intellectual property emerging from UVic.

Toby Murray Wins the Coast Capital Savings Entrepreneurship Co-op Award with RAM and Xylem Studios

Toby and Andrew at the 2024 Independent Games Festival“Being chosen by people I know and respect, and with so many amazing students, means a lot. It’s an honor to stand out among them.” – Toby...

Samantha Sperling and Keeley McCormick (BME) Win the Coast Capital Entrepreneurship Co-op Award for Revyn Medical Technologies Inc.

“The Coast CapitaI Innovation Centre is so generous with their time. They always have time to listen. It’s been so validating.” – Keeley McCormick, CEO, Revyn Medical Technologies Inc. Samantha...

From Family Traditions to Pottery Powerhouse: Sarah Davis’s Journey with SJD Ceramics

As a young child, Sarah would sit on her grandmother’s lap at the Saskatchewan lake house, doing pottery. Reflecting on that precious time, she doesn’t recall feeling a specific connection to theart;...

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Research partnerships team

Contact our dedicated research partnership teams to discuss how we can help connect you with the right people, funding and resources to meet your needs.

Business & industry
Research security

Find information on research security for UVic researchers or send us an email:

For general enquiries, please contact us or call 250-721-6500.

For a full list of our staff, visit the Research Partnerships (RPKM) team directory listing.