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Conduct research at UVic

Research partnerships are the most valuable way that industry partners can leverage UVic’s wide range of expertise. A university-industry partnership arises when industry partners with UVic on a research project. This partnership allows you to capitalize on the expertise of our faculty members and gain access to UVic’s state-of-the-art facilities. These partnerships can also yield new intellectual property that you can commercialize.

What we do

The Research Partnerships office is here to support you throughout the entire partnerships process. We will identify the most suitable faculty member for your project and build a research partnership. If an academic partner has already been identified it is still important to contact the Research Partnerships office to so that we can help facilitate key aspects of the partnership process. It's best to involve our team early in the research partnership relationship. Our knowledge will help the project move along as smoothly as possible.

Another way you can partner with UVic is through technology transfer. Many new inventions are developed and patented each year at UVic. Each invention provides a solution to a common problem in a specific industry. Through technology transfer, a company can licence the novel technology and gain exclusive use of the innovation.

Connect with us to

  • Find a match with the right academic expert
  • Discover how to best leverage research contributions
  • Translate research into real world applications
  • Obtain information about funding opportunities
  • Manage intellectual property, non-disclosure and research agreements

More information

For more details, read our full guide to conducting research with UVic. It will give you information on confidentiality, commercialization rights, intellectual property and more.

Contact us

Lindsay Frehlick, Associate Director - Research Partnerships

Chris Flores, Research Partnerships & Innovation Manager

Aislinn Sirk, Research Partnerships & Innovation Manager

For general research-academic inquiries, contact