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VPAC's commitment to equity, diversity, inclusion & anti-racism

Equity, diversity and inclusion are core values at UVic and form the foundation on which we do our work and interact with others. They are central to our university plans, and we each have a responsibility to create an equitable, diverse and inclusive community.

Much has been done to advance this work at UVic, yet faculty, students and staff continue to face multifaceted systemic barriers. Racism, discrimination and intolerance cannot under any circumstances be overlooked. Words and short-term actions are not enough to bring about systemic change. We must work together to identify and address barriers that impact members of our community. In this regard, VPAC is enhancing its efforts to make UVic a safe and healthy place for everyone.

Current initiatives

Student recruitment & pathways
Group of UVic students looking at a laptop
  • Our student recruitment and retention goals as outlined in our SEM Plan include increasing the number of Indigenous students and further diversifying the international student population by country of origin.
  • We also have initiatives to increase women and other under-represented populations in STEM.
  • Our targets are being achieved, in part, through K-12 pathway programs like Indigenous Mini U, HighTechU and Science Venture, as well as through scholarships, bursaries and other awards.
Student retention & success
UVic student walking with an umbrella
  • Our Office of Student Life offers training and workshops to students on bystander intervention, consent, sexualized violence prevention, and more.
  • The office also organizes awareness and advocacy events for Pride Month, Black History Month, Wellness Week, and other significant occasions. 
  • The UVic Student Life Grant and Anti-Racism Supplement fund student-led initiatives that engage and positively impact the UVic campus community.
Faculty training & workshops
UVic employees at a workshop
  • We actively work to recruit and retain diverse faculty, staff and senior leadership through initiatives such as the Indigenous Recruitment Fund. 
  • As well, UVic has been recognized for its exemplary practices in recruiting Canada Research Chairs and exceeding its equity targets.
  • We facilitate equity, diversity and inclusion training for faculty and decision makers through leadership training, professional development, mentorship and resources.
Faculty grants & awards
Person working on a laptop with a notepad

A shared responsibility

These initiatives are important steps forward, but we recognize that we have a lot more work to do. It's a shared responsibility that requires all of our engagement to ensure positive change.

The office of Equity & Human Rights (EQHR) is an important resource for all UVic community members in providing education, information, assistance and advice in aid of building and supporting an inclusive campus.

Additionally, here are a few examples from the academic portfolio: