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Introduction to the Collective Agreement

Regular faculty and librarians are unionized under the BC Labour Relations Code and are represented by the UVic Faculty Association. On behalf of its members, the Faculty Association negotiates terms and conditions of employment which are set out in the Collective Agreement (CA) for faculty and librarians.

In British Columbia, the government determines the bargaining schedule and monetary mandate for the public sector (including universities).

Letters of Understanding

From time to time, the Collective Agreement (CA) may be amended through temporary Letters of Understanding (LOU) which are negotiated and posted at the beginning of the Collective Agreement. They are in effect until the re-negotiation of the Collective Agreement.  

LOU concerning CA deadlines; use of CES; extensions for Reappointment, Continuing Appointment and Tenure; study leave deferrals/cancellations.

CA Changes due to COVID

LOU concerning Study Leaves for Teaching Stream Faculty.

Study Leaves for Teaching Stream Faculty

LOU concerning the Salary Evaluation Process for 2021-25.

Salary Evaluation Process for 2021-25

LOU regarding units/programs to be treated as an Academic Unit/Department/School.

Units and Programs Appointing Faculty

LOU concerning COVID consideration for Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure/Continuing Appointment assessment.

RPT COVID Consideration

LOU amending Article 38 (Maternity, Parental and Adoption Leave), effective April 1, 2022.

Parental Leave: Shared Supplementary Top-Up Benefit

LOU concerning Acting Chair appointments when the sitting Chair is asked to serve for up to six months.

Acting Chair when Term Chair has Ended

Collective Agreement Calendar

Collective Agreement Calendar
Menu page of the 2023-24 collective agreement calendar

CA Calendar 2023-24

Tracking all the deadlines outlined in the Collective Agreement* can be challenging. That is why we have created this Collective Agreement Calendar which highlights all major Collective Agreement driven deadlines for faculty and librarians and academic unit leaders, as well as deadlines for Faculty Relations and Academic Administration and the Vice-President Academic and Provost. 

Faculty who are eligible for Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure should pay special attention to the RPT processes highlighted in the CA calendar. 

*Based on the current (2022-2025) Collective Agreement

Faculty Relations

The Collective Agreement is primarily administered for the university by Faculty Relations and Academic Administration (FRAA), a unit that operates within the office of and reports to the Vice-President Academic and Provost (VPAC). Faculty and librarians with questions on the operation of the Collective Agreement should direct them initially to their chair's office/dean's office. 

Letter of Appointment

Your letter of appointment is the first part of your contract with the University.  It outlines the terms and conditions of your employment and refers to documents which incorporate other terms and conditions.  It is important that you are familiar with the contents of your letter of appointment and referenced documents so that you understand your rights and responsibilities in the work relationship.