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VPAC Leadership Team

Elizabeth Croft

Dr. Elizabeth Croft

Vice-President Academic and Provost

As VP Academic and Provost, Elizabeth Croft leads the academic mission of the university and sets the academic priorities of the university. She is responsible for ensuring high-quality teaching, learning and related supports and services.

To request a meeting with the Provost, please contact or 250-721-7013.

Office: Michael Williams Building A265 250-721-7013

Helga Hallgrimsdottir

Dr. Helga Hallgrímsdóttir

Deputy Provost

In her role as Deputy Provost, Helga Hallgrímsdóttir leads key strategic initiatives in the academic portfolio and works with other senior academic leaders to enhance the university’s academic mission.

To request a meeting with the Deputy Provost, please contact or 250-721-6143.

Office: Michael Williams Building A244 250-721-6143

Elizabeth Adjin-Tettey

Dr. Elizabeth Adjin-Tettey

Associate Vice-President Academic Programs

In her role as AVP Academic Programs, Elizabeth Adjin-Tettey leads the development and redesign of academic programs, oversees reviews of existing programs as part of the university's quality assurance reporting, creates domestic partnership agreements, and leads experiential learning.

To request a meeting with the AVP Academic Programs, please contact  or 250-853-3761.

Office: Michael Williams Building A244 250-853-3761

Jim Dunsdon

Jim Dunsdon

Associate Vice-President Student Affairs

As AVP Student Affairs, Jim Dunsdon is responsible for providing leadership and oversight to student services, supports and programs that ensure the overall quality of the student experience.

To request a meeting with the AVP Student Affairs, please contact  or 250-853-3989.

Office: Michael Williams Building A244 250-853-3989

Michele Parkin

Michele Parkin

Associate Vice-President Faculty Relations and Academic Administration

As AVP Faculty Relations and Academic Administration, Michele Parkin is responsible for all faculty relations matters at UVic. Michele's team provides support, advice, and administrative process to academic leaders and administrators.

To request a meeting with the AVP Faculty Relations, please contact or 250-721-7114.

Office: Michael Williams Building A251 250-721-7114

Tony Eder

Tony Eder

Associate Vice-President Academic Resource Planning

The Associate Vice-President Academic Resource Planning is responsible for leading major university initiatives, academic operations, strategic planning, and budget enrolment and resource planning. As well, the AVP provides oversight of VPAC operations and directs Institutional Planning and Analysis.

To request a meeting with the AVP, please contact or 250-721-7013.

Office: Michael Williams Building A277 250-721-7584

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