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Salary, Benefits and Pension for Faculty & Librarians

Salary Adjustments and Promotion Increments

Salary increases are negotiated as part of the Collective Agreement, in Article 50.  In addition to “across the board” percentage increases, faculty and librarians are eligible for performance-based increases, arising from performance evaluation process outcomes. Faculty and Librarians are also eligible for a base salary increment on promotion. Criteria for performance-based assessments are set out in the Faculty or Library’s Evaluation Policy and the Unit (Department, School or Faculty) Standard.  Please ensure you have received your Evaluation Policy and Unit Standard and that you are familiar with the expectations for performance, for salary adjustments, reappointment, promotion and tenure/continuing appointment.  


Health Benefits
The University of Victoria is committed to the health and well-being of members of the UVic community.  Benefits are negotiated with the Faculty Association and are managed by the Human Resources office.  Information on the faculty and librarian benefit plan is available at Benefits. Premiums are cost-shared with the employee or, in the case of certain plans, paid entirely by the university. For additional information you may contact the Benefits office .

Other Benefits


Faculty and librarians are eligible for one of two pension plans at UVic, the Combination Plan or the Money Purchase Plan, depending on the nature of their appointment. Contact the Pension Office if you have questions.