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Collective Agreement Calendar

Collective Agreement Calendar
Menu page of the 2023-24 collective agreement calendar

CA Calendar 2023-24

Tracking all the deadlines outlined in the Collective Agreement* can be challenging. That is why we have created this Collective Agreement Calendar which highlights all major Collective Agreement driven deadlines for faculty and librarians and academic unit leaders, as well as deadlines for Faculty Relations and Academic Administration and the Vice-President Academic and Provost. 

Faculty who are eligible for Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure should pay special attention to the RPT processes highlighted in the CA calendar. 

*Based on the current (2022-2025) Collective Agreement

Extension of Reappointment, Continuing Appointment and Tenure

Appendix G - LOU: Collective Agreement Adjustments and Considerations in Response to COVID-19 Impacts

Extensions for Reappointment, Continuing Appointment and Tenure

2. A) Where a Member’s Academic or Professional Responsibilities were affected by COVID-19 related restrictions in the period January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2021:

i) the Faculty Member may apply in writing to the Dean of the Faculty for an automatic deferral of consideration for Reappointment, Continuing Appointment or Tenure by one (1) year;
ii) the Librarian on probationary status may apply in writing to the University Librarian for an automatic deferral of consideration for a confirmed Regular Appointment by one (1) year.
Such a request must occur no later than April 15 in the calendar year of consideration.

B) Faculty Members who have been granted an extension under 2A may make application in writing to the Dean of the Faculty for a further extension based on extraordinary and extenuating circumstances that demonstrate the one-year extension in 2A is insufficient to mitigate the impacts of the effect of government or university directed COVID-19 protocols on the Member’s research/scholarly activity. This application for additional extension may occur no later than April 15 in the calendar year in which the Faculty Member is to be considered. The granting of this application is in the discretion of the Vice-President Academic and Provost, on recommendation of the Dean.

Note: Not to be confused with the Stopping the Clock provisions in Collective Agreement s.31.1. Stopping the clock due to time spent on Maternity, Parental or Adoption Leave, Sick Leave, Long Term Disability, and/or Graduated Return to Work does not require an application for approval. The clock is stopped automatically as soon as the required payroll paperwork to adjust the end date in the system is recieved. For assistance with Stopping the Clock calculations under s.31.1, contact