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Teaching supports

Inspired teaching

Support for the development of teaching is available through the Division of Learning and Teaching Support and Innovation (LTSI).

Their Teach Anywhere website is a virtual centre for in-person, blended and online teaching, providing numerous resources on course design and educational technologies, as well as workshops and training to enhance your teaching.

Grants & professional development opportunities

LTSI administers grant funds on behalf of VPAC to support instructors, academic units and educational leaders to design and implement course and curricular reforms in their discipline.

As well, LTSI administers professional development funds designed to enhance teaching and learning, and which reflect the vision, values and priorities of the university. Teaching-stream faculty and sessional instructors are invited to apply.

Teaching Stream - Course of Study

 Application form for Teaching Stream faculty member to seek a one-time allocation of up to 2 course releases for an approved Course of Study.

Course of Study:

  • Can be a formalized course, seminar series, set of workshops or other didactic exercise
  • Can be self-study
  • Can be engagement in a project or research study
  • Can be in other forms if outcomes can be defined clearly and are consistent with the purpose of enhancing teaching effectiveness


  • To undertake an approved Course of Study to enhance teaching
  • To disseminate learnings through presentation to the Faculty and/or to the University more broadly upon return
  • To ensure that any arrangements to be unavailable to campus are approved by the Chair

Course Release:

  • The provision governing the allocation of up to 2 course releases can be found in s.13.30 of the Collective Agreement
  • This is a one-time allotment
  • Teaching Stream faculty members must apply for this Course of Study no later than 6 months in advance of the commencement of the course release start date and will be notified by written response whether the application has been approved

Start date of course release:

    • Course release(s) shall commence on course assignment start date(s)
    • With the approval of the Dean, course release may commence on another date

Approval Process:

    • Application is submitted to the Chair/Director who sends to Dean with their recommendation
    • The Dean considers the application for approval and advises the Chair/Director, who notifies the Member

Deferral Process:
The University can defer a Faculty Member's Course of Study Release to fulfill the Unit's teaching commitments. Where a Faculty Member's approved Course of Study Release is deferred at the University's request, the approval of this Course of Study Release will be valid so long as the University continues to defer the Course of Study Release.

Should a member wish to defer their Course of Study Release, the member must seek the written approval of the Dean. A new application may be required should the Course of Study be adjusted or the deferral is greater than one year.

If you attach supporting documentation to your application, please be sure to check-off the box in the relevant section, so that those assessing the application are aware it is there.

Please remember to keep a copy of your completed application for your own records.

Student academic concessions

In May, following consultations with students, faculty, staff and administrators, Senate approved a new undergraduate academic concessions regulation and related guidelines.

The revisions are based on principles of fairness and equity, and are designed to ensure confidentiality and privacy. They also centre student success by applying a trauma-informed lens. As well, they incorporate feedback and learnings from UVic’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic—in particular the interim waiver of medical documentation.

The new regulation and guidelines better responds to students’ needs while balancing appropriately the responsibility of instructors to maintain the academic standards of their courses.

Access the button below to learn more. 

Library services

UVic Libraries offers teaching supports to help you in the classroom, as well as expert advice in educational technology and how to incorporate library instruction into your classroom.

Community-engaged learning

Community-Engaged Learning (CEL) is a form of experiential learning and community-engaged scholarship whereby students actively engage with course content through the combination of collaborations with community and facilitated reflection. CEL is reciprocal, mutually beneficial partnership between community, faculty and students.

Off-Campus Teaching

 Faculty and staff who are engaged in off-campus teaching and learning opportunities along with research related international travel should visit: UVic Faculty and Staff Travel Safety

You can also consult UVic's Travel Checklist to make sure you have followed all the necessary steps and safety precautions. 

Workshops & training

New faculty & instructors

Let's Talk About Teaching

Join LTSI for two days of conversations, networking and sessions around teaching at UVic.

Enhance teaching & learning

Faculty Institute of Teaching

This two part program taken over two terms provides the opportunity to enhance your teaching to support student learning.

Ongoing skill development

Instructional Skills Workshop

The Instructional Skills Workshop is offered within a small group setting and is designed to enhance the teaching effectiveness of both new and experienced educators.

Other learning opportunities

Learning technology workshops

Learn quick and practical strategies to help you start online teaching and how to use UVic learning technologies.

Request support

For more information on available teaching resources and supports, contact LTSI.