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New Faculty & Librarian Mentorship Opportunities

Mentor Pairing

For 1:1 mentor connections, new faculty and librarians should meet with their Unit Head (Chair/Director or Supervising Librarian) to discuss potential pairing options with more senior colleagues. These mentor/mentee relationships can be long-lasting and very rewarding. The terms of a mentorship relationship are unique to the individuals involved and based on personal preferences and needs.  

For more information on establishing positive mentorship relationships, please review our Mentorship Handbook.

Supportive Communities Program

VPAC’s New Faculty and Librarian Supportive Communities Program, hosted by Academic Planning, is designed to bring together new faculty and librarians with colleagues at all career stages to share their experiences and expertise.  

Program Details: 

The program’s guiding principles and structure are designed to create opportunities for faculty and librarians to connect, network, teach, and learn from each other. The program provides opportunities for both new and established faculty and librarians to connect with each other through multilateral knowledge-sharing and networking opportunities, including group and peer support and both informal and formal networking activities. 

For more information about the New Faculty and Librarian Supportive Communities program, please see our handbook. If you are a new faculty member or librarian interested in participating, please fill out the Peer Support Welcome Questionnaire by the end of the second week of September to be included in that academic year's intake.