Student wellness and equity

Photo by Stephanie Hu
Photo by JD student Stephanie Hu ('13)

We are committed to ensuring your emotional and physical wellbeing during your legal studies. Law school can be filled with challenges and maintaining a balanced lifestyle is key to your success, both during and after your time with us.

Events and activities

  • Sign up for a Vikes recreation class or use the fitness facilities. A healthy body helps keep your mind healthy.
  • Take a break and have fun at one of the many LSS events.
  • Join an LSS intramural team.
  • Explore your spiritual health.
  • Check out UVic student wellness and multifaith events.
  • Go to a movie at Cinecenta.

Religious observances

The UVic Law is committed to inclusion and enabling the participation of community members in events at the Law School.  An ongoing concern is that some events are scheduled on days that prevent or limit the participation of community members due to a community member’s religious observances.  Consult the calendar of religious observances before you schedule an event so that if possible your event is not scheduled on a day that may prevent the participation of those who wish to attend.

Campus services

Law Amicus program presents workshops throughout the academic year, such as a program orientation, study skills, scheduling and time management, exam preparation, coping with stress and anxiety, case briefing and substantive reviews, as well as a student tutoring program. The program also offers a variety of other student supports.

Student Wellness brings together a team of counsellors, nurses, physicians, spiritual care providers and more to help care for the whole you.

The Family Centre is located in the family housing complex. Programs and events support student families living both on and off campus.

The Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL) provides services and programs and coordinates academic accommodations for students.

Accessibility resources are available for UVic students.

The Equity and Human Rights (EQHR) office supports programs to provide equitable access and participation in educational opportunities.

Illness or personal crisis

If you experience an illness, family emergency or other situation, please visit the Academic and Student Relations office in room 102 in the Fraser Building so that we can provide assistance and help you access the support and resources you need.

Assignments - If you need an extension for an assignment during the term due to illness, family emergency or other reasons, contact your professor directly to discuss the situation. If your assignment is being written under codename, contact Fran Blake ( to arrange for an academic concession.

Exams - If you are unable to write or finish an exam, or cannot perform to your level of ability due to illness or personal condition, you may be entitled to write special or deferred examinations. Contact Fran Blake ( as soon as possible if this is the case.

There is a private respite room with a cot, available in the Priestly Law Library. Contact loan desk staff at or 250-721-8565 for access.

There is also a private respite room with a cot, available in the McPherson Library. Contact a supervisor at the McPherson Library loan desk for access.

Equity and accommodation policies

Accommodation for students on days for religious observances

The UVic Law consolidated equity policy 
UVic policy: AC1205 - Academic accommodation and access for students with disabilities
UVic policy: GV0205 - Discrimination and harassment policy
UVic policy: GV0200 - Policy on Human rights, equity and fairness