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Co-op Student at Woodward & Company
Co-op student at Woodward & Company

Hire a UVic Law student

If you are a legal practitioner or organization interested in hiring a UVic Law student for summering, articling, clerking, interning, or similar types of legal employment, please submit your posting details by email to the law careers office (LCO) at .

It is important that your job posting contain all the relevant information for the job including:

  • Position title
  • Number of positions available
  • Start/end dates
  • Description of the firm/organization
  • Areas of practice
  • Address, City, Province
  • Application requirements
  • Application deadline
  • To whom the applications should be addressed
  • How applications should be submitted (i.e. email, fax, mailed)
  • Salary (optional whether this is disclosed in the posting, however, please note that our office will only advertise paid positions)

We are also happy to advertise associate or other law-related positions to our alumni at no cost.

This website is designed to assist UVic Law students in their search for legal employment both traditional and alternative. If you are a current UVic Law student and you would like access to the rest of the LCO website, please contact the Law Careers Assistant at .