Incoming exchange applicants

Interested in coming to UVic Law on exchange? Check our list of partner institutions to see if we have a student exchange agreement with your home university.

You can contact the front office at  with any questions.

Applying for exchange

You must first apply to your own university (home university). Your university will select students based on the criteria in the exchange agreement and advise our office of your nomination. Once you have been selected by your home university, you will need to submit a completed UVic Law exchange application and all necessary attachments. We will send you confirmation of acceptance and registration information.

Incoming Exchange Application - Due May 1, 2023

*Please note- for students wanting to apply for on-campus accommodations, application deadline for on-campus housing is May 15

Academic terms

The UVic winter session consists of the fall and spring terms. Please refer to the Faculty of Law website for specific dates.

Fall term: Beginning of September – End of December
Spring term: Beginning of January – End of April

Each term consists of 13 weeks of classes followed by a formal examination period of approximately two, weeks during which there are no classes. All examinations are approximately three hours in length. Some courses will have open book examinations and others closed book examinations at the discretion of the professor.

Course information

Incoming Proposed Course Schedule - Due June 15

Please refer to the following resources when selecting courses.

We will do our best to accommodate your course selection, however, some courses will fill quickly and some courses have pre-requisites which may limit accessibility to exchange students.
Course offerings, schedules and exam schedules may change during the first week of classes so be prepared to make alternative course selections.

During the first 8 days of each term, you are permitted to add and/or drop courses for that term. Registration change requests must be sent to the as exchange students do not have direct access to registration.

Course credits

Courses are valued in terms of units and most vary between 1.0 and 2.0 units. The following is a comparison of unit values and class hours:

Units Number of Class Hours per Week
1.0 units 2 hours per week
1.5 units 3 hours per week
2.0 units 4 hours per week

One hour of class time requires approximately 1-2 hours of study or reading per week.


Our requirement for full-time study is a minimum of 7.0 units and a maximum of 8.5 units per term. Use this as a guideline when selecting courses since approval for course load taken at UVic must come from your home university. You are responsible for ensuring that your timetables and exams are conflict free.


You are responsible for making your own accommodation arrangements. If you are interested in campus housing, apply directly to Residence Services as soon as possible. Campus housing is in extremely high demand and priority in the fall term is given to first year students and students requesting accommodation for eight months. Residence Services receives many more applications than they can accommodate. Residence Services also provides a listing of off-campus housing. 


You are responsible for arranging visas and health insurance. If you are coming from a foreign country, please contact the Canadian Embassy for details on entry requirements.

Although tuition fees are paid to the home university and not to UVic, you will still be responsible for administrative fees such as Athletics and Recreation and the photocopy fee.

Once admitted please review the Exchange Student Handbook.

There is funding opportunities available for our incoming students from our partner institutions Chulalongkorn in Bangkok Thailand and the National University of Singapore in Singapore.