Discretionary category JD/JID

The application deadline for the first-year JD/JID program January 15 (4 p.m. PST). You are strongly encouraged to submit your application and supporting documentation as soon as possible.

Am I eligible to apply under the discretionary category?

You must be able to provide evidence that your academic achievements or LSAT score have been significantly delayed, interrupted or adversely affected by:

  • a medical condition or disability (physical, sensory, learning, addiction, mental illness, or similar condition or disability);
  • family or similar responsibilities and the consequent need to attend to these responsibilities or to maintain employment; or
  • social, historic, political, economic or other factors.

What goes into my application?

A complete application under the discretionary category will include:

The deadline for submitting the discretionary supplementary form and supporting documentation is March 1.

How will you decide if I get an offer?

Selection of qualified discretionary applicants will be made on the basis of your:

  • achievements in occupational endeavours, and community, public service and cultural activities that indicate an ability to succeed in law school;
  • academic performance in any educational training programs or courses;
  • LSAT scores within the past five years; and
  • a holistic review of all other elements of your application

If you have not completed the minimum academic requirements for admission in the regular category, you should demonstrate why it would be unreasonable to expect you to complete the minimum academic requirements prior to starting law school.

Please note that it is extremely unlikely that applicants with less than two years of college or university courses will be admitted.