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Co-op is mandatory for students studying:

  • Commerce
  • Master of Global Business (MGB)
  • Master in Management (MM)

Co-op may be mandatory for students in the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program.

Office & contacts

Our regular business hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

  • Office: BEC 112

Co-op and Career assistants

Co-op coordinators

BCom co-op coordinators

MBA, MGB & MM co-op coordinator

Placement coordinators

Career educator

Employment development officer

Associate Director

Rishi Behari (BEC 116) 

Program facts & formats

UVic offers Canada's only business program with mandatory co-ops for all undergraduate students enrolled in our faculty.


  • three co-op work terms required
  • opportunity to earn credit for first work term by work term challenge or work term transfer
  • must complete COM 204 Introduction to Professional Practice before first work term


  • co-op may be mandatory depending on work experience (decided upon application)
  • for students with less than three years of work experience, one co-op work term is mandatory
  • for those with more than three years of work experience, one optional co-op work term is available
  • must complete MBA Introduction to Professional Practice before co-op work term


  • mandatory internship program (automatically enrolled; no application required)
  • one co-op work term/internship required
  • must complete MGB 502 Personal and Professional Development before work term/internship


  • mandatory internship program (automatically enrolled; no application required)
  • one co-op work term/internship required
  • must complete MM 504 Workplace and Career Preparation before work term/internship

Program formats available



As a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) student, you must complete three co-op work terms. You'll pay your co-op tuition fee on an installment plan, with one installment per term: 

  • domestic undergraduate students: 8 installments of $395.86
  • international undergraduate students: 8 installments of $806.05 

If you are pre-admitted to the BCom program, you'll start paying the fee at the beginning of second year.

If you're admitted directly into third year, you'll start paying the fee when you begin your third year core courses.

If you challenge or transfer a work term, you’ll pay five installments of the co-op program fee instead of six. You can find more info on transfers and challenges in the UVic Calendar.

Because you’ll be charged each term, tell your academic advisor right away if you’re leaving your degree program temporarily or permanently.


As a Master of Business Administration (MBA) student, you'll pay a graduate co-op tuition fee for each co-op work term:

  • domestic students: $791.72 per work term
  • international students: $995.80 per work term


As a Master of Global Business (MGB) student, you'll pay an internship fee for each term you are registered in your MGB internship.

  • domestic students: $791.72 per work term
  • international students: $995.80 per work term

Average salaries

You'll receive a salary from your employer during each co-op work term. Co-op salaries vary according to many factors, including:

  • your previous work experience
  • the industry you're working in
  • the responsibilities of your co-op job

Average monthly salaries:

  • Commerce: $3,100.34
  • MBA: $3,951.94
  • MGB: $3,414.61 (only 300 hours per work term)
  • MMM: $3,397.00

View salary estimates for all programs.

Work terms

Co-op work terms begin in January, May and September and are typically 4 months long.

Work term transfer

If you've completed a co-op work term at an accredited post-secondary institution (including UVic), you may be able apply for a transfer credit for one work term. You must apply in writing for a work term transfer during your initial academic term of the 3rd year core of the BCom program. 

Work term challenge

You may apply for credit for COM 001 (your first work term course) through the work term challenge application process in the fall of your core year, if you are a third-year BCom student enrolled in COM 204 (or you previously completed COM 204 during your second year, but you did not register a pre-core work term). 

Finding a work term 

In addition to the general process for finding a co-op job you need to complete the terms & conditions form in the co-op portal to receive access to co-op job postings.

Registering a work term 

To register your co-op/internship, complete this letter of employment and send it to your co-op coordinator for review.

During your work term 

After your work term

At the end of your co-op work term/internship, you will reflect on your work experience by completing one of the following options:

  • work term/internship report
  • video report (restrictions apply)
  • article
  • blog post
  • letter to a future student

You may have the opportunity to participate in an online discussion throughout the term instead (restrictions apply).

Final reflective assignment due dates:

  • May–August work term: due August 15
  • September–December work term: due December 15
  • January–April work term: due April 15

If the due date falls on a holiday, or a weekend, the assignment will be due the next business day.

More details can be found in the Co-op Program Manual, located in Brightspace.

Get support

We're here to support you with every step in your co-op journey, from applying to co-op to making sure you're supported at work. Contact your co-op coordinator or office for assistance.

If you identify as having a disability or a mental health condition, if you belong to an equity group, or if you identify as Indigenous, we have additional supports for your co-op experience. 

Sample employers & jobs

You could work for co-op employers in the private, public and non-profit sectors—in Victoria, across Canada and abroad. Past examples include:

  • AbeBooks—HR assistant
  • The Bateman Foundation—marketing and outreach assistant
  • BC Ferries—treasury analyst
  • BC Ministry of Agriculture—market development business officer
  • BC Ministry of Transportation—First Nations project assistant
  • Canadian Chamber of Commerce (Hong Kong)—events management trainee
  • Deloitte—consulting internship, human capital
  • Downtown Victoria Business Association—marketing assistant
  • KPMG LLP—audit and tax co-op student
  • National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces—business analyst
  • RE/Max Canada—marketing and social media intern
  • RevenueWire Inc.—marketing co-op
  • Scotiabank—corporate financial analyst co-op
  • Sitka Surf Co.—graphic production agent/online merchandiser
  • Whistler Blackcomb—guest services leadership intern

Curtis Lever (commerce)

Driven by his keen interest in the intersection of technology and business, Curtis Lever (commerce) helped organize a networking night as part of his work term at the Thai-Canadian Chamber of...

Hanna Schleppe (commerce)

Commerce co-op student Hanna Schleppe’s co-op experience in Graz, Austria through UVic's award-winning CANEU-COOP Program was enriched by her active involvement in two main community...

Hikaru Saito (commerce)

Hikaru Saito, a fourth year Gustavson business student, completed an international co-op as a Summer Intern for Apex K.K’s sales department in Tokyo, Japan. His role focused primarily on...

Jack Bougie (commerce)

When the opportunity arose to work as a co-op student with an iconic local tourism company, Malahat Skywalk Corporation, it was a perfect fit for commerce student Jack Bougie.

Jake Gaglardi-Kreider (commerce)

My name is Jake Gaglardi-Kreider, a fourth-year student at the University of Victoria Business school (Gustavson) with specialization in International Business. I chose the business school at UVic...

Jordan Smith (master of global business)

My name is Jordan and I recently completed the MGB program at UVic. After finishing my time in Austria in the MGB program, I decided to search for work opportunities in Europe to broaden my work...

Lauren McDiarmid (commerce)

During her work term at Apex K.K in Tokyo, commerce co-op student Lauren McDiarmid led an impactful movement that not only addressed the critical issue of zero hunger worldwide (UN SDG #2) but also...

Louisa Kusekopf (commerce)

I’m Louisa, a second-year BCom student from Victoria, BC. I’m currently completing an international co-op work term in Southern Germany. I am working at Spa & Resort...

Melanie Procyshyn (commerce)

Commerce student Melanie Procyshyn has always been excited about commerce and its role in the economy, but when she began her studies at the University of Victoria in 2021, it was recommendations...

Nancy Nguyen (commerce)

UVic commerce student Nancy Nguyen joined the BC Parks team as a program assistant. She helped BC Parks provide high quality, safe outdoor recreation that protects the natural environment.

Olivia Nelson (commerce)

Commerce student Olivia Nelson put her passions to work at WildPlay Element Parks, capturing exciting video of ziplines, rope courses and bungee-jumps for marketing.

Student of the Year Award

2021 winner - Danielle Lowe

Jadyn Isaacson

Learn more about Danielle's story.

Award details

Are you an excellent ambassador for Business Co-op? If you’ve contributed to your co-op employer, UVic, Business Co-op and the community, you could be the next Co-op Student of the Year. 

Winners receive:

  • $500
  • a framed certificate
  • recognition on the Co-op website

The winning student may also be nominated for the provincial (ACE-WIL) and national (CEWIL) awards.

The runner-up receives $250.

This award is by nomination only by your co-op coordinator.