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Co-op salary estimates

Co-op students receive a salary from their employer during each co-op work term. Co-op salaries vary according to many factors, including:

  • students' previous work experience
  • the industry they're working in
  • the responsibilities of their co-op job

Overall average

Average monthly co-op salaries (2021–22)

Undergraduate Graduate
$3,076 $3,699


Program Average salary
Commerce $2,564
MBA $3,589
MGB $2,673 (300 hours)


Program Average salary
Graduate level $3,389

Engineering & Computer Science

Program Average salary
Engineering (undergraduate) $3,493
Engineering (graduate) $4,161
Computer Science (undergraduate) $3,228
Computer Science (graduate) $4,272

 View detailed engineering and computer science salary ranges.

Exercise Science, Physical & Health Education

Program Average salary
Coaching Studies $4,895
Kinesiology $2,482
Recreation and Health Education $2,225

Health Information Science

Program Average salary
Undergraduate level $3,029
Graduate level $3,203

Human & Social Development

Program Average salary
Graduate level $3,389

Humanities & Fine Arts

Program Average salary
Undergraduate level $2,570
Graduate level $2,956


Program Average salary
Law $3,457

Public Administration

Program Average salary
Public Administration – MPA $3,680


Program Average salary
Biochemistry and Microbiology $2,965
Biochemistry and Microbiology - work experience $3,453
Biology $3,159
Chemistry $2,997
Earth and Ocean Sciences $2,870
Physics and Astronomy $3,072
Mathematics (undergraduate) $3,170
Mathematics - work experience $4,750
Mathematics (graduate) $3,485
Statistics (undergraduate) $3956
Statistics (graduate) $3686

Social Sciences

Program Average salary
Undergraduate level $2,636
Graduate level $2,867

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