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Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education

Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education (EPHE) Co-op offers both mandatory and optional programs, as follows:

Required programs      

  • Recreation and Health Education (BA)
  • Coaching Studies (MEd)

Optional programs        

  • Physical and Health Education (BA)
  • Kinesiology (BSc)
  • Kinesiology (MA, MSc, PhD)
  • Physical Education (MA)
  • Leisure Service Administration (MA)

Office & contacts

Our regular business hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Offices: McKinnon 112 and 113

Co-op coordinators
Natalie Haddow and Dave Hutchinson
McKinnon 113

Co-op assistant
Tammy Doyle
McKinnon 112

Program facts & formats

Required programs


  • 3 work terms required (fourth optional)
  • no need to apply


  • 2 work terms required
  • no need to apply

Optional programs


  • 3 work terms required (fourth optional)
  • apply by September 30 of the first year


  • 2 work terms for master’s degrees
  • 3 work terms for doctoral degrees

For more information on the co-op program and how to apply, please email the co-op coordinator.


Co-op students pay a co-op tuition fee for each work term. It's free to join co-op and attend the preparation course—you'll pay your tuition fee after you secure a co-op work term.

You'll pay your fees according to the same tuition fee deadlines as regular course fees.

Fees per work term for undergraduate students:

  • domestic students: $746.06
  • international students: $1,363.54

Fees per work term for graduate students:

  • domestic students: $746.06
  • international students: $938.38

Note that the graduate co-op tuition fee is different than the graduate installment fee. If you are a grad student and register for a co-op work term, during that term, you'll pay:

  • the grad co-op program fee  
  • the grad ancillary fees

If you register for a course (e.g. thesis 596 or 598) and a co-op work term in the same term, during that term, you'll pay:

  • the grad co-op program tuition fee
  • the course tuition fee
  • the grad ancillary fees

Questions about co-op tuition fees? Email us or call 250-721-7032 for assistance.

Average salaries

You'll receive a salary from your employer during each co-op work term. Co-op salaries vary according to many factors, including:

  • your previous work experience
  • the industry you're working in
  • the responsibilities of your co-op job

Here is an average monthly salary for a full-time work term: 

  • Recreation and Health Education: $2,225
  • Kinesiology: $2,482

View salary estimates for all programs.

Work terms

Co-op work terms begin in January, May and September and are typically 4 months long.

  • undergraduate co-op: 3 work terms (fourth optional)

Work term challenge

Many students entering the field of Recreation & Health Education and Kinesiology are admitted into their programs with a range of work experiences. Completing a work term challenge is a means to honour this work experience and help you complete your degree in a timely way.

If you have relevant work experience, you may propose a work term challenge in lieu of one of your required work terms. Contact us to learn more.

Once approved, you'll need to complete a reflective paper outlining the learning you've experienced. 

Learn more about:

Sample employers & jobs

Recreation and Health Education

  • personal trainer
  • fitness or wellness coordinator
  • outdoor programmer
  • camp leader or director
  • occupational therapist     
  • aquatic program assistant
  • athletic coach
  • community support worker
  • recreation programmer for adults
  • community recreation coordinator          
  • cardiac rehabilitation
  • policy analyst
  • rehabilitation specialist
  • facilities supervisor
  • recreation therapist


  • municipal recreation departments and provincial ministries
  • rehabilitation centres and therapeutic programs
  • outdoor education centres
  • community schools and other educational institutions
  • sport organizations
  • fitness, wellness and leisure programs
  • residences for seniors
  • residential and day camps for children and youth

Coaching Studies

  • school-based athletic programs
  • post-secondary athletic programs
  • high level athletic programs
  • Canadian sport centres

Get support

If you identify as having a disability or a mental health condition, or if you belong to an equity group, we can support your co-op experience.

We'll help you with every step, from applying to co-op to making sure you're supported at work. 

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