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During your work term

For each of your co-op work terms, you'll:

  • complete competency assessments
  • have a work site visit
  • submit a work term assignment

Competency assessments

UVic Co-op uses a competency-based model to help you assess, develop and describe your skills in a measurable way. 

During each co-op work term, you'll complete three stages of your competency assessment through the co-op portal.

Within 2 weeks of the start of your term, sign into the portal and select “Learning objectives” to:

  • identify 3 to 5 competencies that you'd like to develop during your work term
  • assess your experience with these competencies
  • describe your goals for developing your chosen competencies

Your supervisor will receive a link to review your submission.

About halfway through your work term:

  • sign into the portal to complete your mid-term assessment

Your supervisor will receive a link to review your assessment and complete the supervisor portion.

Work site visit

Approximately halfway through each co-op work term, your co-op coordinator will set up a check-in meeting with you and your workplace supervisor.

In the meeting you will discuss:

  • how your work term is going
  • your work projects and responsibilities
  • the skills and knowledge you're developing
  • your goals and what you'd like to learn

This meeting is a great chance to ask any questions you might have. Your workplace supervisor will also have the opportunity to give their feedback. 

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